Void Ray


45 00075 00011 250


With the poetically ambiguous name “Void energy” Tosses denote one of the most devastating weapons. Void ray creates a flow of energy of such power that even the vacuum on the path of this flow glows from the annihilation of simultaneously generated matter and antimatter. The armour of any ship literally boils when it gets under this beam, and no power shields can deflect it.

Ray focusing

Damage to small size x0.5

Damage to medium size x0.7

Damage to large size x1.5

Damage to light armour x0.8

Damage to heavy armour x1.2

to humans to xerjs to tosses
Espionage Probe0.4Spy-fly0.4Red Droid0.4
Solar Satellite0.4Overlord0.4Blue Droid0.4
Small Cargo0.4Provider0.4Green Droid0.4
Large Cargo0.56Lurker0.4Shuttle0.56
Colony Ship0.7Planetoid0.8Scout0.56
Science Vessel1.5Gigalord 1.2Keeper0.7
Metal Harvester0.8Broodling0.4Void Ray1.5
Mineral Harvester0.8Fastling0.4Courier 0.4
Gas Harvester0.8Scavenger0.4Observer0.4
Viking0.5Scourge0.4Sower 0.7
Stealth Fighter0.7Hydralisk0.4Reaver0.84
Battleship0.84Dreadlisk0.7Carrier 1.8
Destroyer1.8Devourer1.8Quantum Destroyer1.8
Deathstar1.2Pancor 1.8Matriarch1.2
Supernova Star1.2Usurper 1.2Patriarch1.2
Juggernaut1.5Leviathan1.2Planetary Ripper1.2
Rocket Launcher0.4Gigashadow1.2Photon Cannon0.4
Light Laser0.4Creep Colony0.4Phase Cannon0.56
Heavy Laser0.5Spore Colony0.4Dark Pylon0.7
Ion Cannon0.5Sunken Colony0.5Gravitation Distorter1.5
Gauss Cannon0.84Sensor Spore Colony0.4Obelisk1.2
Plasma Turret1.8Needle Tree0.84Shield Crystal0.5
Small Shield Dome0.84Mole0.56
Large Shield Dome1.8Flaming Worm1.8
Planetary Defence1.2
Hydarian Defensive Installation1.8
Left Turret1.8
Right Turret1.8
from humans from xerjs from tosses
Fighter1.5Mudkip1.4Void Ray1.5
Battleship1.1Dreadlisk1.4Quantum Destroyer1.4
Bomber1.4Leviathan2Phase Cannon1.1
Battlecruiser1.5Creep Colony0.8Dark Pylon1.3
Heavy Laser1.1Sunken Colony1.5Obelisk1.4
Ion Cannon1.4
Mass attack
Number of units destroyed in 1 shot at basic damage characteristics
from humans from xerjs from tosses
Jouann5Usurper 3Matriarch5
Planetary Defence2Lexx6Obelisk7
Flaming Worm3