Left Turret


6 700 0001 300 000175 000

2 500

It is installed on the Space Station and has excellent attack characteristics. To be active in the battle, turret needs 10,000 energy, and it can be turned on and off before the fight on "Resourcers" page in the "Energy of Control" section. Since space stations with turrets are in orbit, when the turret is destroyed, 10% of its cost in metal and minerals fall out in debris. There can be only 1 Left Turret on a station.

Armour 800 000
Armour type Heavy
Size Large
Shield 10 000
Damage per round 833 333
Attack per shot 10 000
Attack delay 5 seconds
The number of shots per volley 5
The period between volleys 3 seconds
Blocking ability 1
The energy needed for control 2500
Mass attack
Number of units destroyed in 1 shot at basic damage characteristics