Supernova star


20 000 00015 000 0005 000 000

17 500

It is the most powerful flagship of human race. Thanks to the last generation of the gravity gun, Supernova is not only the strongest enemy in a battle, but also a dangerous destroyer of planets. The Supernova shield, because of its enormous power, is restored twice more slowly as other shields. Each level of Raider increases the speed by 5%. Starting the 10th level of Raider the basic speed also increases.

Armour 3 500 000
Armour type Heavy
Size Flagship
Shield 250 000
Speed 6080
Warmup time (х2 from planet) 12m 55s11m 11s
Cargo Capacity 1 000 000
Fuel consumption 5000
Battle speed 160
Damage per round 400 000
Attack per shot 40 000
Attack delay 10 seconds
The number of shots per volley 8
The period between volleys 40 seconds
Attack range 900
Blocking ability 2
Diameter 257
The energy needed for control 0