Science vessel


10 00035 00020 000


Science vessels were designed for conducting explorations of unexplored areas of Space. At the beginning of the total expansion, these vessels had the ability to attack shields - as Ion Technology developed, power shield generator technology advanced. As a result, Science vessels can now detect black holes and are able to avoid contact with them 10% of the time.


Defensive Matrix

EMP strike


Armour 4500
Armour type Strengthened
Size Large
Shield 2000
Speed 600
Warmup time 04m 05s
Cargo Capacity 600
Fuel usage 40
Battle speed 210
Blocking ability 2
Diameter 72
The energy needed for control 0
Mass attack
Number of units destroyed in 1 shot at basic damage characteristics
from humans from xerjs from toss
Deathstar2Usurper 4Matriarch12
Supernova star3Leviathan3Obelisk16
Planetary defence4Gigashadow46
Flaming worm8