60 000 00040 000 00045 000 000

80 000

The gates of Babylon had opened, and the world had received a powerful space ship. The civilization of Babylon has the same roots as humans, but they had separated many centuries ago and their warships headed to the unknown areas of the universe to conquer it. It's unknown if they still exist or didn’t find the planets appropriate for life and died a long time ago. Jouanns are big and rarely appear in the Universe. If your fleet encounters one of these ships, you can assume that you don’t have your fleet anymore. You can increase the speed with the help of officer Pirate. After hiring of Pirate level 6, the basic speed increases. After studying of Hyperspace Drive, level 10, the basic fuel consumption decreases.
Abilities: Destruction
Armour 10 000 000
Armour type Heavy
Size Flagship
Shield 300 000
Recovery of the shield 100 %
Speed 4060
Warmup time (х1.25 from planet) 15m 49s12m 55s
Capacity 1 000 000
Fuel consumption 40 00030 000
Battle speed 160
Damage per round 2 833 333
Attack per shot 170 000
Attack delay 12 seconds
The number of shots per volley 6
The period between volleys 18 seconds
Attack range 1000
Blocking ability 3
Diameter 2000
The energy needed for control 0