Small larvae with the innate ability for the fast-speed flights. They can cover a huge distance at a very high speed. They can’t do much else, and therefore, are not useful in the combat. Their main advantage is the high speed at which they get information about the other planets.

To get information about an alien planet, send a spy. To do this, choose in the “Galaxy” menu a planet and click the “Espionage” button.

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Armour 340
Armour type Light
Size Small
Shield 0
Speed 100 000
Warmup time 19s
Cargo Capacity 7
Fuel usage 0.1
Battle speed 50
Blocking ability 0.25
Diameter 28
The energy needed for control 1
Mass attack
Number of units destroyed in 1 shot at basic damage characteristics
from humans from xerjs from toss
Deathstar235Usurper 588Matriarch706
Supernova star471Leviathan155Patriarch92
Space wanderer71Lexx2353Obelisk1765
Planetary defence588Flaming worm1176
Hydarian defensive installation12