1 000 0001 500 000150 000

1 150

In the endless devastating battles with steel giants, swarm forces suffered huge losses. Overmind in order to protect his children, used the mutation of the unit Flaming Worm and take from it the storage capability and the power of the shot. Applying the principles of flight of a Mudkip and rapidity of attack, Father of Swarm revealed to the world a new terrifying creature. Usurper charged while being on the surface, filling with toxic gases. Since the beginning of the battle he runs inside its huge glands extremely complex synthesis of dangerous substances, going for a while.

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Armour 250 000
Armour type Heavy
Size Flagship
Shield 25 000
Speed 2550
Warmup time (х1.25 from planet) 20m 00s14m 09s
Capacity 60 000
Fuel consumption 1250
Battle speed 250
Damage per round 100 000
Attack per shot 100 000
Attack delay 75 seconds
The number of shots per volley 2
The period between volleys 100 seconds
Attack range 600
Blocking ability 1
Radius 151
The energy needed for control 7