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Lurker contains a lot of protein, it is underground unit of xerjs which bites into the bark of a new planet, forming a fertile soil for the maturation of the first larvae. It is important not to have other life forms on the planet. Otherwise it may interfere for young chrysalis, which is portable by Lurker. It is cocoon of the young brain, which will control the center of the hive the new colony. A Lurker can carry 100 hydralisks.

Capacity increase

Armour 3000
Armour type Light
Size Small
Shield 0
Speed 50
Warmup time 14m 09s
Cargo Capacity 100 000
Fuel usage 30
Battle speed 100
Blocking ability 1.5
Diameter 81
The energy needed for control 8
Mass attack
Number of units destroyed in 1 shot at basic damage characteristics
from humans from xerjs from toss
Deathstar4Usurper 11Matriarch13
Supernova star9Leviathan3Patriarch2
Planetary defence11Gigashadow133
Flaming worm22