Colonization of new objects is necessary to expand the sphere of influence of your empire. You can colonize asteroids, PPS, Temples, OPS and free planets by holding them for at least 24 hours with a "Colonization" order using a unit of your race: Colony Ship, Lurker, Gigalord or Sower . Required amount of time may be lowered by sending more colonizers (time will become 24/[square root of colonizer amount] hours, rounded up).

If on a new planet the amount of fields for building will not be enough, you can leave the planet and re-colonize it in order to choose the place for a base with a different amount of fields. Astrophysicist can help.

When colonizing an occupied object, you must win a battle with its owner. All defenses and fleets of the old owner are destroyed, and all buildings except those not destroyed lose 1 level (on asteroids buildings are completely destroyed).