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Shuttles are heavier and slower than smaller ships, but they are capable to carry large amounts of resources. Shuttles, which are fully automated, are ideal for fights. Though the toss consider the death during the battle as a honorable one, they prefer to die while fighting, not while driving the cargo ship.

Armour 4000
Armour type Light
Size Medium
Shield 200
Speed 600
Warmup time (х2 from planet) 04m 05s
Capacity 60 000
Fuel consumption 15
Battle speed 100
Blocking ability 0.5
Diameter 52
The energy needed for control 0
Mass attack
Number of units destroyed in 1 shot at basic damage characteristics
from humans from xerjs from tosses
Deathstar10Usurper 48Matriarch71
Supernova Star19Leviathan10Patriarch3
Space Wanderer3Lexx95Obelisk71
Planetary Defence24Flaming Worm48