Solar Satellite




Solar satellites orbit the planet, collecting solar energy and transmitting it to a ground station. The efficiency of solar satellites depends on the solar radiation power. Because of their price/production ratio solar satellites solve the energy problems of many worlds. But beware: solar satellites can be destroyed in battle and cannot be hidden in Hangar or moved away from the planet.
Solar satellites destroyed in battle are recovered at the object where they were destroyed, if such recovery is possible.
Produces energy by the formula:
50 / root of (planet’s position +1)

Armour 200
Armour type Light
Size Small
Shield 10
Recovery of the shield 100 %
Battle speed 10
Blocking ability 1
Radius 31
The energy needed for control 0
Mass attack
Number of units destroyed in 1 shot at basic damage characteristics
from humans from xerjs from tosses
Deathstar95Usurper 476Matriarch286
Supernova Star190Leviathan63Patriarch37
Space Wanderer29Lexx952