Espionage probe




Espionage probes are small, agile drones that provide data on fleets and planets. Fitted with specially designed engines, it allows them to cover vast distances in only a few minutes. Once in orbit around the target planet, they quickly collect data and transmit the report back via your Deep Space Network for evaluation. But there is a risk to the intelligent gathering aspect. During the time the report is transmitted back to your network, the signal can be detected by the target and the probes can be destroyed.
This unit's points do not count in destroying the fleet to shreds.

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Mass attack
Number of units destroyed in 1 shot at basic damage characteristics
from humans from xerjs from toss
Deathstar250Usurper 625Matriarch750
Supernova star500Leviathan165Patriarch98
Space wanderer75Lexx2500Obelisk1875
Planetary defence625Flaming worm1250
Hydarian defensive installation13