Colony ship


12 00026 00010 000


This well-defended ship serves the conquest of new planets, which is necessary for the developing empire. You can use it in the new colony as a supplier of raw materials. - You can dismantle it and use its material for mastering the new world. Each empire, including the main planet, can colonize a maximum of 25 planets and asteroids.

Capacity increase

Armour 3800
Armour type Strengthened
Size Medium
Shield 100
Speed 100
Warmup time 10m 00s
Cargo Capacity 100 000
Fuel usage 30
Battle speed 100
Blocking ability 1
Diameter 76
The energy needed for control 0
Mass attack
Number of units destroyed in 1 shot at basic damage characteristics
from humans from xerjs from toss
Deathstar5Usurper 13Matriarch38
Supernova star10Leviathan6Patriarch2
Space wanderer2Lexx51Obelisk54
Planetary defence13Flaming worm26