8 000 0003 000 000500 000


The insect entity is capable of producing useful offspring. The planetoid is a huge immobile biomass created to survey good deposits on the planets of the nearest solar systems using the formula:
(natural logarithm (number of planetoids + 1)) / 20
for you and your allies within range of a planetoid power signal
Signal strength is 900 * root of the number of planetoids minus the distance to the system in which there are planetoids.
If you are not an alliance member, your planetoid will only increase your production. If there are several planets in the solar system with planetoids of members of the same alliance, the calculation is based on their maximum number.

Starting from 5 pieces of planetoid, in automatic mode, attacks on you become visible in the galaxy to your allies if the attacking fleet is more than 1000 points. Unit maintenance costs are not taken into account by amortization.

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Armour 1 100 000
Armour type Light
Size Flagship
Shield 5000
Recovery of the shield 10 %
Speed 3
Warmup time (х1.25 from planet) 57м 44с
Capacity 500 000
Fuel consumption 500 000
Battle speed 100
Blocking ability 1
Diameter 600
The energy needed for control 3000
Mass attack
Number of units destroyed in 1 shot at basic damage characteristics