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Last updates

15-10-2021 15:17:03
After teleportation of the station, movement in local coordinates is impossible for 1/10 of the teleportation cooldown.
11-10-2021 18:12:42
You can teleport stations and send Entities to void coordinates.
11-10-2021 7:22:08
Maintain the visibility of the gravity gun for 24 hours for the attacked, after the last attack.
11-10-2021 6:42:36
Revealing the visibility of hidden satellites from the presence of an object in the panel of fleets in flight.
Displaying a list of players and alliances seeing an object on the object's characteristics page.
06-10-2021 13:21:11
Fixed a bug due to which obsolete unit sizes were used in battle.
06-10-2021 12:36:54
Free kits are only available to players up to 25,000 points.
04-10-2021 11:29:23
When calculating aggression, all pirates are considered to have 50,000 points (was 100,000).
01-10-2021 18:33:18
Supermedal "Grand Imperial Crown" increases by 250%:
- the structure of all objects;
- teleportation range;
- power of a shot of a gravity gun.
01-10-2021 17:32:31
A candidate for Tribune of the plebs must be a Senator
01-10-2021 11:33:46
The weight of a Congressman's vote in all votes is equal to the number displayed on his medal.
29-09-2021 19:09:39
The fuel economy bonus from the alliance network applies to jumping through the Teleportation Gate within the network.
29-09-2021 16:25:11
Fuel cost when jumping through the Teleportation Gate is now added to Raids.
28-09-2021 19:49:34
The base radius and fuel consumption when jumping at the Teleportation Gate has been increased (Анонс: очередные шатания Врат).
22-09-2021 14:08:15
The cost of adding an object to the Register of Digital Assets has been reduced from 10,000 to 7,500 HC
22-09-2021 12:31:07
Any objects other than the Bank can now be added to the Register of Digital Assets. Capital can be added, but cannot be traded or sold.
21-09-2021 20:40:06
The default orbital positions have been changed.
20-09-2021 17:34:13
Transportable units now have warm-up time of the slowest vehicle that can transport them
18-09-2021 17:43:09
Fixed bug with invulnerability MU-MU
17-09-2021 14:13:59
Increased bonus to the gravity attack of the MU-MU station. Removed invulnerability MU-MU.
Everything should be fair.
16-09-2021 10:57:08
Development: Inquisition of the Emperor
13-09-2021 15:09:37
The base cost of teleporting a station in Vespene has been halved, from 1M to 500k.
13-09-2021 13:28:49
The first level teleportation gate can now be used by friends and allies to jump from them.
13-09-2021 11:01:20
The base time between transfers for the Teleportation Gate has been increased from 2 hours to 3 hours.
10-09-2021 15:11:59
Alliance creation cost increased from 1000 to 2500 HC
10-09-2021 14:50:23
+ 1% fading bonus to teleport gate jump range per month of premium.
09-09-2021 9:30:40
The base time between transfers for the Teleportation Gate has been reduced from 6 hours to 2 hours.
09-09-2021 8:42:23
Fleets in high orbit can detect a hidden satellite.
The visibility of a hidden companion with a gravity gun to those they attack.
08-09-2021 14:22:13
Reduced fuel costs of Large transports (from 5 to 3), OverLords (from 4/8 to 2/4) and Shuttles (from 15 to 9).
07-09-2021 14:48:49
Display of regeneration of dunkleosteus on the planet overview page
07-09-2021 10:19:43
Dunkleosteus regenerate per minute the amount of structure equal to their level (only for premium owners)
06-09-2021 15:51:40
New bonus officer Emperor: increase the maximum teleportation range of the Gate by%, equal to ⅓ the sum of the levels (including the order x2).
06-09-2021 13:46:22
The maximum number of wormholes in the universe has been reduced by 5 times.
06-09-2021 10:25:54
The base time between transfers for the Teleportation Gate has been reduced from 24 hours to 6 hours.
03-09-2021 13:49:59
Initial fleet recovery percentage decreased from 15% to 10%.
02-09-2021 18:06:09
Added the ability to add Battle Experience and Infrastructure to the simulator
02-09-2021 16:40:31
Returned the previous mining parameters for the "classic mines" of human and xerjs.
Base production of Planetary Toss Ripper has been reduced by 20%, bonuses to its production from Toss buildings have been increased.
02-09-2021 15:21:01
Added a list of improvements to the Gate radius on the Teleportation Gate page
01-09-2021 14:23:53
The active stations of the alliance network are always visible even out of sight.
31-08-2021 22:58:46
The limitation on the number of flagships in pirate fleets has been removed.
30-08-2021 14:19:01
The maximum teleportation range of the Teleportation Gate has been reduced from 25k to 10k per level.
30-08-2021 9:26:17
Fixed display of the list of online players in humans (Обнаружение активности у террана)
27-08-2021 14:41:47
Concentration of shots in battle is disabled.
26-08-2021 20:26:32
Changed the formula of the Toss Feeder to exclude the possibility of reaching -100% to the energy consumption of defense.
Toss Distiller's defense efficiency increased from 1/5000 to 1/4500.
26-08-2021 17:37:59
The speed of building the fleet and defense at the PPS / Temples has been doubled.
26-08-2021 14:08:46
Phalanx no longer sees entities within its range.
26-08-2021 7:51:48
New rule of visibility of objects -
25-08-2021 13:43:40
Reducing the commission of the Besiary in HC by a third
24-08-2021 11:54:52
The elections are fully prepared.
The elections for the heads of the alliances will take place on December 1st.
The elections of the People's Tribune will take place on March 1st.
22-08-2021 15:37:29
You cannot kick out a player who has received more than 1% (at least 3 votes) in the current vote for the head of the alliance.
20-08-2021 10:01:42
Debris falling out in battle has been fixed.
19-08-2021 16:54:19
Possibility to change the name after 1kk points.
15-08-2021 17:51:34
Mole holes now spawn randomly, without being tied to population. (Кротовые норы, рандомная генерация)
11-08-2021 13:56:18
The time for issuing an order in battle has been reduced from 25 to 15 seconds.
11-08-2021 12:29:37
Fixed a bug in the Tosses Interceptor specializations (returned 0.4 for heavy armor).
10-08-2021 11:04:00
The maximum percentage of tax collection and the percentage of tribute collection that the current bank level can give has been reduced from 0.4 to 0.3
06-08-2021 18:27:27
Canceled destruction of buildings when capturing OPS.
05-08-2021 15:38:15
Astrologers have announced pony week. The number of heaps of resources on the planet has been reduced to two.
04-08-2021 21:38:33
It is forbidden to capture abandoned OPS. Now OPS can only be captured from pirates with 500,000+ points.
04-08-2021 19:12:47
It is forbidden to capture OPS from players. Now OPS can only be captured from pirates with 500,000+ points, or abandoned ones.
30-07-2021 15:13:01
Removed inactivity penalties without a Vacation Mode (disabling newbie protection, diplomacy, caches).
29-07-2021 18:09:56
The bonus to the minimum number of fields from long holding in the “Colonization” order has been removed.
28-07-2021 13:45:46
Removed the rule that prohibited going into vacation mode within 24 hours after colonizing an asteroid.
27-07-2021 15:10:22
When capturing pirate stations, one level of each building is now destroyed (except for buildings that cannot be completely destroyed if they are of the first level).
23-07-2021 15:20:41
Aircraft carriers with the ability to attack now receive a bonus from gravity weapons.
23-07-2021 8:57:08
Change subscription continuity time from 7 to 30 days
21-07-2021 10:58:29
Astrologers have declared a cow week - the number of resource heaps in the Buildings menu has been tripled.
16-07-2021 17:36:31
Digital register and sale of OPS
16-07-2021 17:36:31
Prohibition of colonization of OPS registered in the Digital Asset Register
14-07-2021 9:53:30
Correction of visual confirmation of the fleet sharing (задержка визуальной расшарки флота)
12-07-2021 12:10:33
Correction of the recalculation of the remaining construction time of buildings and research time after the completion of the research (Фокусировка не работает).
12-07-2021 11:38:25
Display by default only open topics in the bugs section of the forum.
12-07-2021 6:50:33
Fix time synchronization in sent dialog messages
08-07-2021 14:48:59
Reducing the production (pirate tribute) of all OPS owned by pirates by 10 times.
Disabled 100% recovery of units on OPS owned by pirates.
08-07-2021 13:50:57
Increasing the storage of some pirates (Пропадают ресы с пиратских ОПС)
Adding technology and officers to pirates ☠ Georgy, ☠ Bastilia and ☠ Ulrezaj
08-07-2021 12:58:56
Toss carriers have doubled their fuel costs and resource capacity.
07-07-2021 13:24:30
Interceptors / Stormtroopers: Shield recovery speed reduced to 16% / + 1% per level of knowledge (from 25% / + 2%).
Toss Defense now gains a bonus to shield regeneration from Discovery and Shield Battery.
Heartlord: Tweaked the shield regeneration bonus to give 100% at 10th level.
06-07-2021 14:09:44
Raiding now takes into account Vespene consumption in all orders, except for expeditions and travel through a wormhole
01-07-2021 8:12:40
Allocation of a block of resources on the empire page when working out that does not cover the current depreciation.
01-07-2021 7:32:27
Correction of the simulator (Симулятор на 6 часов)
30-06-2021 14:05:24
Display of spy report data in fleet menu and at zero coordinates
30-06-2021 13:06:04
When a satellite is destroyed in accelerating fleets, only non-accelerated units are destroyed.
10-06-2021 14:33:32
Attack radius of Scavengers and Providers increased to 120.
10-06-2021 13:51:45
In the battle report in the main block of information about the participants, information about inactivity, outlaw and VM is now saved
08-06-2021 13:28:30
New setting "Auto-return in the absence of debris" in the "General settings" block. Used as default when sending a fleet
04-06-2021 10:02:54
Slight improvement of the coordinates input form on the fleet sending page (при удалении числа в координатах появляется ноль)
03-06-2021 12:52:43
03-06-2021 9:35:45
Improvement of the ability to minimise and maximise the task tab in the chat panel
02-06-2021 16:55:49
Changed attack ranges and movement speeds across the battlefield for most units.
02-06-2021 10:53:12
Recycling, which is already recycling, is now responding to changes in all officers and all technologies.
01-06-2021 19:10:02
The flagship of Tosses Planetary Ripper is not included in the amortization calculation.
01-06-2021 15:02:13
Correcting a visual bug that causes resources to go into deficit (минус по газу на планке)
01-06-2021 14:33:13
Removed Planetoid attack, reduced capacity on them and on human Harvesters.
01-06-2021 14:26:42
Depreciation costs no longer include Human Harvesters and Xerj Planetoids (in addition to Toss droids that were not previously accounted for).
01-06-2021 14:23:56
The storages of other races now work on PS / OPS.
01-06-2021 13:43:38
01-06-2021 12:46:40
Fixed a bug that congressmen did not have access to the Supreme Intergalactic Council forum
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