Get your own planet in online strategy Xcraft. Conquer the cosmic space, create your own empire! QUICK START (2 minutes): for Humans or for Xerjs +2500 of metal +2500 of minerals

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Newbie questions

You can ask any questions here.

19 August 2020 13:35
Topic: 6th quest of xerj
Last post: JustVela
topics: 191 Answers: 806
General Discussion

Common discussions and your questions about our game.

27 July 2020 15:09
Topic: Premium account ques...
Last post: kurosivo
topics: 180 Answers: 721

Bug reports are welcome.

Today, 11:24
Topic: 3D Overload
Last post: 💉DexterMorgan
topics: 1984 Answers: 5558

Discussing game balance, offer new ideas, units and technologies. Discussing balance’s innovations of the administration. Creating a new topic, don't forget about the informative title with the obligatory indication of your race.

18 September 2020 13:59
Topic: Announcement: collis...
Last post: UncleanOne
topics: 343 Answers: 1236

Here you can leave your comments about this game, project team, balance. We accept any complaints.

9 September 2020 13:19
Topic: Signal Jammer
Last post: 🌓Marsman
topics: 160 Answers: 460
New ideas

Do you have suggestions how to make the world of Xcraft better? Offer new units, buildings, missions, or offer the revision of old once.

13 September 2020 05:50
Topic: Warp gate
Last post: 💉DexterMorgan
topics: 149 Answers: 334

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