Last updates

22-09-2023 13:45:18
It is allowed to build a Leaf-lift at the OPS.
21-09-2023 7:09:07
In the Options, the ability to select the country whose flag will be displayed (instead of the selected language) has been added.
20-09-2023 13:55:39
The “Stealth” item now hides in any orbit; such an object can only be detected by approaching it at a distance equal to 1000 of its diameters
12-09-2023 14:22:22
Reduced premium account cost for Hydarian crystals
06-09-2023 12:26:23
Displaying the "Renegade" status for friendly and foreign fleets
04-09-2023 15:41:35
The item "Stealth" and the recipe for it have been introduced, details will be in the description of the item and the recipe
04-09-2023 15:06:46
The “Gravitational Wave Invulnerability” ability has been removed from all stations except administration and pirate stations.
25-08-2023 14:15:15
Added the ability to reveal visibility from your objects to friends and alliance members through the properties of the object.
By default, general visibility is disabled, the player can independently configure individual visibility for allies.
21-08-2023 19:26:21
The rate of extraction of gas from comets is increased by 2 times.
21-08-2023 13:32:39
Visibility extends to allies (alliance members and friends)
17-08-2023 14:28:57
The requirements for the Fleet Beacon have been changed: the number of buildings has been reduced, disciplines have been replaced.
Fleet Beacon, Psi Disrupter and Bestiary are now allowed to be built on asteroids. (NB: Bestiary level 3 and above will not be able to operate as a marketplace on an asteroid.)
15-08-2023 19:44:27
Detection Technology, Fleet Beacon: Visibility Reduced (2000 -> 1000), (3000 -> 2000)
15-08-2023 18:12:39
Sensor spore colonies: doubled visibility radius (1000 -> 2000) and attack period in battle (1s -> 2s).
14-08-2023 16:36:02
Entry into battle of Attack aircraft and Interceptors from the fleet only from Aircraft carriers
14-08-2023 11:08:19
Fog of War Implementation (Update/Change Visibility Rules)
11-08-2023 18:10:41
Sign of overload when displaying a fleet.
10-08-2023 13:38:13
You can build artefacts in the Workshop using recipes
02-08-2023 12:15:16
Artifacts are now items, all their properties are saved
26-07-2023 21:10:32
The chances of comets spawning have been increased, the minimum required time to search for comets on an expedition has been reduced from 24 to 6 hours; gas reserves when a comet appears are reduced.
19-07-2023 8:45:18
Adding a monthly (30 days) premium subscription for Hydarian crystals.
26-06-2023 22:25:36
The percentage of depletion is equal to the number of months since the construction of the current level of the building, to the power of 1.1
06-06-2023 7:25:45
Performance optimization.
Fixed memory leaks when moving around the galaxy and slow performance when navigating the game for a long time.
01-06-2023 14:03:03
Adjusting the removal of quest OPS in line with newbie protection
01-06-2023 8:55:08
31-05-2023 13:39:27
For premium accounts, a more accurate speed setting has been added when sending fleets
26-05-2023 16:48:56
Reverse warmup was returned to the Transport order, but in this state it no longer sees fleets flying to the warmup coordinates
24-05-2023 14:10:25
Removed acceleration in the opposite direction from the Transport order
18-05-2023 22:31:33
Changed block values for Flame Worm (3->4), Needle Tree (5->3) and Mole (1->3).
09-05-2023 8:32:24
Resetting the fleet recovery queue when the Shipyard/Incubator/Cybernetic Core is destroyed.
08-05-2023 21:19:55
The link to the Workshop (crafting items) is now on the fleet building page (
27-04-2023 10:26:40
Introduced items and the actual craft. Details in this post and further in the topic: Первый предмет от Сената
25-04-2023 16:22:41
The percentage of debris when destroying objects has been increased from 1 to 10 ( OPS На 90% меньше сырья ).
25-04-2023 2:45:35
Added the ability to manage alert settings and the global conversation message counter at the contact level.
24-04-2023 17:41:58
Update of Otorten
- Display models and effects in 3d
- Sound effects
- Hints
21-04-2023 17:12:45
Storekeeper now adds bonus from fleet holds on satellites only.
Queen's Nest now adds 100k metal capacity per level instead of 500k.
20-04-2023 20:18:49
The production bonus of network stations is reduced from 25% to 10%.
19-04-2023 15:08:40
Pirate fleet sizes increased by 25%.
18-04-2023 16:33:57
It is allowed to declare a hunt for objects without an owner and for objects of players that meet the conditions for declaring a hunt for a player.
18-04-2023 13:41:51
Commission for declaring a hunt for a player or object 25%
17-04-2023 11:54:40
The interval for issuing moves in battle has been changed from 15 to 10 seconds.
14-04-2023 3:09:12
Redesign of music:
- Adding sound effects for some actions;
- Ability to fine-tune the sounds and playback volume;
- Improved background music in several tabs of the game;
- Improved sound alert for new private message.
11-04-2023 13:53:31
Battles are accelerated by 2 times (change of round duration from 50 to 25 seconds).
11-04-2023 13:46:27
Debris when destroying an object has been reduced from 10% to 1%.
10-04-2023 16:57:56
Teleportation Gate fuel consumption increased from 1 FC per 25k ukm to 1 FC per 10k ukm.
10-04-2023 16:21:50
Gigashadow: damage reduced from 600k to 500k, fuel consumption increased from 30k to 40k.
05-04-2023 21:27:53
The bonus percentage of statistic medals has been reduced by 5 times.
03-04-2023 16:03:32
During planetary destruction, the flying entity in the same coordinates will not suffer;
When a system is destroyed, the flying entity is destroyed if both coordinates of the current jump are in the system being destroyed.
30-03-2023 21:22:53
Objects in the Digital Asset Register are now flagged in the Galaxy Panel
30-03-2023 17:16:47
The price of a experimental research has been increased from 10 to 12 crystals
28-03-2023 19:24:57
Allowed Warp Gates to be built on all Tosses satellites.
22-03-2023 13:49:14
Disable saving renegade battles to Notepad, as they are clearly visible in the Battle Reports
20-03-2023 3:46:28
Fixed visibility of hidden stations when looking for teleportation gates.
17-03-2023 11:59:01
The cost of adding to the Registry of Digital Assets has been increased from 10000 to 12000 HC.
15-03-2023 13:36:07
06-03-2023 10:42:51
Fixed a bug with entering a "foreign" battle in high orbit.
03-03-2023 13:26:28
Lexx cannot devour buildings that have been poisoned.
21-02-2023 21:23:44
Prohibiting the sending of interplanetary missiles with a flying Insectoid entity
21-02-2023 18:54:49
Displaying in Resources the required energy for the Teleportation Gate and Gravity Gun
21-02-2023 17:18:13
To detect new comets in an expedition, the fleet must now spend at least 24 hours in holding. (Refining the coordinates of already known comets is possible in expeditions of any length).
20-02-2023 13:37:09
Teleportation gates now consume 5,000 energy per level for both sending and receiving.
13-02-2023 15:24:45
The base speed of processing comets is reduced by 2.5 times. Comet recycling speed bonus from slowdown increased to x10.
10-02-2023 14:10:03
The alliance membership fee has been replaced by an application fee.
06-02-2023 15:33:57
Allowed to send with the order "Attack" on comets.
03-02-2023 14:40:32
Crimson Ancient Stone now also grants a bonus to Interplanetary Missiles
02-02-2023 17:24:04
The Alliance Battle Reports now show the type of coordinate where the battle took place: planetary object, orbital object, asteroid and high orbit.
02-02-2023 13:28:04
Destruction to shreds in high orbit now only takes into account fleets in the battle zone of the arrival area.
30-01-2023 16:04:06
Fleet points (for BE, etc.) are now calculated at the current Vespen exchange rate, just like fleet statistics points.
20-01-2023 19:11:56
Configuring a notification about the start of a battle for the "Occupation" order
16-01-2023 20:50:02
Logging your own and others' renegade attacks in Notebook to the log of saved battles
16-01-2023 19:38:15
Logging in alliance battle reports of renegade attacks by alliance members (battle button color is purple) and on alliance members (battle button color is red)
13-01-2023 9:54:33
Adding a display of a list of friends and alliance members who see the satellite when the general visibility settings are turned off (if there is a Telepathist).
26-12-2022 16:04:43
Planetary Rippers no longer engage in combat on objects, unless docked during an ongoing battle ( Запретить юниту Планетарный потрошителю вступать в бой ).
21-12-2022 15:05:30
Super Space Station bonus "+50% building fields" is now valid for all races.
21-12-2022 12:43:20
An ally can attack an ally. The attacking fleet will be able to be attacked by all its allies.
15-12-2022 19:55:32
The bank of the old Head is not destroyed when the Head changes.
12-12-2022 18:43:39
Interplanetary Missiles now benefit from Weapon Tech.
06-12-2022 19:43:39
Comet gas collection speed increased by 2.5 times, Astrogeologist now increases it,
Splitter no longer affects it.
06-12-2022 15:12:30
Reduced the energy consumption of Providers when collecting resources on planets.
02-12-2022 19:30:36
The withdrawal limit for Hydarian crystals in USDT has been reduced to 100,000 HC.
01-12-2022 12:28:05
Expanded recommendations for the Recycling order: added assembly suggestions to debris fields and comets, uses all available types of collectors, added collection time estimates when shipped.
29-11-2022 16:25:54
Scourge damage reduced from 1000 to 666.
14-11-2022 15:44:24
Galaxy scanners have learned to recognize the Scourge in high orbit.
10-11-2022 12:32:16
Prohibition of scanning by the Sensor phalanx of objects invisible according to the rules of visibility.
07-11-2022 18:57:14
The commission for selling a fleet now increases monotonously as the selling price increases (Опять биржа).
07-11-2022 18:45:32
Allowed Sensor Phalanx to scan Wormhole coordinates with Emperor level 10. Flights with the order Relocate to the scanned Wormhole are still not visible.
01-11-2022 20:21:23
Added withdrawal of Hydarian crystals to USDT
28-10-2022 19:26:30
Changed the rounding of commissions in the Bestiary.
26-10-2022 21:07:30
By decision of the Senate, the construction of the Bestiary at the OPS is allowed (Дендра на ОПС )
25-10-2022 12:01:59
The cost of adding to the Registry of Digital Assets has been increased from 7500 to 10000 HC.
18-10-2022 18:07:04
Added acceleration of colonization.
14-10-2022 17:11:46
Objects in the registry cannot be renamed. Evidence has been added for objects in the digital asset registry. The link is located in the same place as adding to the registry.
13-10-2022 16:04:22
Based on the opinion of the BE, rookie protection has been canceled for players above 100,000 points.
12-10-2022 16:57:58
Comets can now change direction based on their distance from the center.
11-10-2022 18:48:35
Increase the number of pirates at coordinates by 20%, base from 1000 to 1200.
11-10-2022 16:59:19
Insectoid Entity now sees its own kind only at local coordinates.
10-10-2022 19:00:31
Occupation now starts at 5% in 5% increments up to a maximum of 25%.
10-10-2022 15:28:38
Prohibition of colonization of an OPS that is connected by a quest by another player.
07-10-2022 13:52:07
Wormhive now requires level 1 Mantrid to build
04-10-2022 20:14:46
Information about the maximum number of recyclers on the asteroid has been returned to the reference book of the unit of its race.
03-10-2022 15:43:22
New table "Resources obtained from recycling" on the "Market" page. It does not affect other limits in any way.
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The announcement of the FAS

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Sound notification about attacks

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Pumping technology and Evolution of drones

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More resources to collect from the planet

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