Pumping technology and Evolution of drones, a means of combating the depletion is already created

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Presenting new technologies

For Terrans: Pumping technology

reduces depletion by 2% per level.
It reduces % of depletion by 2% . That is, if %of depletion is 30%, then at 10th level of technology % of depletion will be 24%

For Xerjs: Evolution of drones

+1 day per level to the period of depletion. 1 level will change the period of depletion from 7 days to 8 days.
9 September 2015 15:12:16
9 September 2015 15:12:16
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so if its 1% the decrease is 0.01% big big change what to say i m speechless here an idea remove depletion and be done with it it just a burden i have never seen that in browser game
this tech is bugged i have 1% depletion and the depletion reduction is not working it should go to 0% if each lovl reduces 2% since i have it lvl 3 the tech
10 September 2015 00:30:36
10 September 2015 00:30:36


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