FAS was decreased

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The limit of FAS for the Shelter evolution of Xerjs and for Hangar of Terrans was decreased by 100 per level.

By the recent introduction of sound, we have strengthened the attack of "miners", this innovation in the balance in favor of "attackers".
25 September 2015 08:35:43
25 September 2015 08:35:43
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is that much to ask for no sudden changes in favor of attackers might be but allot of ppl didnt knew it was made this change or it would had been made you need to post a day prio or 2 so ppl can take measures the way you guys do it is like saying lets make our players drop this game

and since terans has not have as tech it just cost too much on mettall to just increase not to mention it eats fields so what i ask is a decrease in price atleast since we have it as hangar and need to build on each planet etc so a decrease in price would be most welcomed since xerj have 100 more points safe and in the form of techs they could had barrow holes as buildings etc isntead of techs
25 September 2015 13:31:53
25 September 2015 13:31:53


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