Open voting: Is it necessary to improve the combat simulator to increase the attacking fleet and the availability of time for the fleet to enter the battle?

Yes, such a refinement is needed and will definitely help when calculating the use of several attacking fleets - 17 (81%: mirotvorec73, Cubic, Darkside, RolandA, stihl2002, rassssol, kaa86, zemlyanin_, deRooij, 123514, Blackbird-SR71, Frytz, Sashka033, Soulfly, Legende_ZH, Metropol, goni74)

No, I think that the simulator suits me even without modifications - 4 (19%: REUNION, BigRoy, Arina, Didextri)

Total voted: 21.

Completion of the combat simulator, Completion of the combat simulator

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I propose to finalize the combat simulator with4 attackers and4 defenders, up to the maximum8 attackers and4 defenders, the place in the simulator for + four more additional fields is visually enough. Also, for each attacker, make a field"time of the fleet's entry into battle" in seconds.

How will the arrival time of the attacking fleet be calculated:
1. if the fleet has time = 0, then this is the starting point of reference. That is, if the battle starts at 10 seconds, then this fleet, having flown in, enters the battle at 10 seconds as standard (as it happens now)
2. if the fleet has time = 5, then this fleet flies in 5 seconds after the fleet with zero time, if 10 - then, respectively, 10 seconds after zero, etc.
3. if no fleet has time set to 0, then the minimum set value of the fleet will be considered the zero point, that is, with the set value of 3 fleets 5, 8, 15. the first one will fly in with 5 seconds, after it the second one will fly in for 3 seconds fleet, and the 3rd fleet will fly in for 10 seconds.

This refinement will allow for a more flexible process of simulating a battle, especially in the conditions of capturing an OPS, when calculating the use of spam.
30 May 2023 20:03:48
30 May 2023 20:03:48
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I voted yes, because it would be a nice feature.

But I see 2 problems:

1. Server ressources

How much would be consumptation of server ressources? Negligible or not?

2. How much part of a fight is the factor chance? Would it even be possible to make such calculations? Like point of start etc.. You don't need a simulation if the whole result becomes some sort of gambling.

Best regards
30 May 2023 21:55:07
30 May 2023 21:55:07


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