Open voting: Approve the above described system of execution of punishment.

Total voted: 32.

& quot; Punishment & quot; Inquisitor of the Senate ..., Simplification of the penal system...

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Based onThe Inquisition is the executive branch of the sector's self-government, designed to remove the administration from business as much as possible. supplement with a separate discussion the points for which the violator will be "punished" (in the future with the possibility of adding new ones with publication in a separate public forum thread).
For each item and set of items, discuss the measure of punishment.
Simplify the system of execution of punishment for the Inquisitor from the Senate.
That is, do not "drag" through the Senate with the approval of NT and RB and then to Congress with their subsequent approval ....
The basis for punishing violators will be non-compliance with these Project Rules, namely:
Clause 1. General rules of conduct on the site:
Item 3. Rules of good form.
Clause 3.0. The nature of the discussion.
Clause 4.2. Flame.
Clause 4.4. Provocations.
with the provision of screenshots of the correspondence in which the above listed violations will be clearly visible, the "punishment" of the guilty will be carried out ...
7 April 2022 23:33:30
7 April 2022 23:33:30
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Quote: Nameless
, а человек сам выпросил назначение
Попрошу пруфы в студию! Или не бла бла блабольствуем....
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я думаю ,
Думаю, что не тебе брать на себя ответственность и решать за кого либо, что ли бо....
21 April 2022 19:31:16
21 April 2022 19:31:16


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