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Changes in the functioning of trampolines, entities and orbital pirate stations

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Dear participants of the project, we have some changes which I will try to explain.

We reduced the fuel consumption of trampolines by half. We have reduced the recharging time of the trampolines 24 times. We reduced the trampolines speed bonus 10 times. We reduced the range of the trampolines 8 times.
As a result, the trampolines have become more risky and the flights over them have become less cheap because the speed of 10% will no longer give a 10-fold increase in the overall speed.

We've changed the formula for insect fuel consumption. The difference in consumption between low and high levels has been reduced.
For example, the costs of the first level were increased 5 times, and the tenth level was increased 20 times (previously it was less than 1000 per 1000 сkm).

We've reinforced the orbital pirate stations with planetary protection. Their capture from pirates will no longer be easy. We increased the standing time of the orbital pirate station at the same coordinates.
New time at coordinates for planetary pirate station/orbital pirate station.
All Temples, Planetary Pirate Stations, 30 days in one place.
Pirate orbital stations:
2000 points - 7 days
20 000 points - 14 days
100 000 points - 21 days
500 000 points - 30 days
1 000 000 points - 45 days
5 000 000 points - 60 days
Orbital pirate stations are considered to be configured correctly if they can be captured by 5-6 players or by using gravity weapons to break through the shields.

We've added Tosses buildings to the Tosses orbital stations.
Temples of relics are strengthened by grendeysers ten times.

Orbital pirate stations and temples should benefit from flying in close proximity.
As for supertops, they shouldn't be offended either. It is better to use OPS for your area, do not fly through 500 systems, through the entire sector. They are not for this purpose. The area of residence of supertops already remains huge, and online grows. Six months ago there was no OPS at all.

The speed of space wanderers is cut from 150 / 200 to 100 / 150.
The capacity of space wanderers from 250,000 to 200,000.
Increase in fuel consumption of space wanderers from 4000 / 3000 to 5000 / 4000.

On the main server, we have established the visibility of fleets in hold: fleets appear at a distance of up to 1000 km further than the high orbit.

You can fly to each ship separately, but most of the models are not in 3D and we continue to work on the quality.

We fixed a bug with the galaxy hanging out a lot last week.

A souvenir shop was opened in honor of the tenth anniversary of the project. There you can buy real stone products from the sunny homeland of the project Ural, for game currency.

The price of the products is influenced by the fact that they are made of natural materials by hands and in very small quantities. Currently, there are 10 products in the shop. The planets are solid faceted stones of valuable breeds. The height of the whole product is 20-25 cm. Tosses products are higher.

Shop workshop:

7 June 2019 08:18
7 June 2019 08:18
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The Trampolines were the only possibility for smal and medium players to move the fleet to get higher pirates or to make an suprise attack. Now thats impossible... If want to get a pirate my fleet needs to move at least  an houre ( bring trampoline in position, fly with fleet trough trampoline). Of course now without the possibility to save fuel and with the huge risk to get my trampoline destroyed and for what ? For that the pirate move away....  So More risks, higher fuel costs, less fun...

I dont know how i should be able to grow more... im not shure if i stay in this game, and i dont know how you will be able to get new players, because they have no chance anymore...

10 times slower... thats to much...
7 June 2019 10:24
7 June 2019 10:24
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its their way to suppot top players and put obstacles for all others

small - medium players cannot
- move (low cost), tramps not worht the risk
- hunt pirates , main pirate hunter (SW) is not longger cheep to hunt
- overtake stations (PPS, OPS), 5 players to clean 1 station (then the will have not fleet to defend it , then ...... you know)

big players cannot
- hunt huge players , tramps not worth the risk
- overtake big stations (?)  

huge players
- having fleets landed (no vesp consuption for fleet save)
- can hunt all over the map , no one will move fleet near bcos they have vesp reservs
- overtake any station, just walk

Do you see something wrong in this picture ?
7 June 2019 13:43
7 June 2019 13:43
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let me guess:
new update ?

Every defence need now energy ....
7 June 2019 16:13
7 June 2019 16:13
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Darts77, Excatly!
7 June 2019 19:01
7 June 2019 19:01
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7 June 2019 19:42
7 June 2019 19:42
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it is almost impossible not only for the little players to develop properly ..... even the bigger ones will have difficulties .....
The use of trampolines makes almost no sense ... in principle, you are looking for the right day in the galaxy, if something is in the vicinity and then turns off the computer ...... If you're lucky - you have something in near or near a gate .....
From hunting experience is usually 1-2 times a day a pirate in the order of over 2000 points (20 points combat experience) in such a range which is profitable .....

The statement of a top 100 player (64th place) was the same. "without being close to the goal or being yourself - no chance to win the pirate with a win" ....

The risk of being shot down is not high if one is familiar with the area in which one normally flies.

What types of resources do we need to come to resources now?
It makes no sense to deprive the neighbors, because such wars always only bring more losses than incomes on both sides ..... above all, one needs the night-narn to be able to step in front of larger shooters .... and as already reported one can OPS and PPS do not disassemble alone ....... This resource source is therefore ...... It was worthwhile only as a beginner to attack other beginners who had no gaming experience and no information about the possessions in the game. .. Sense it only on large Distazen player überallallen, over goals and Trampoline (the farther away - the better), so that the rematch on its own military base one does not have on the main planet can not take place .... The Possibilities but to cover distances is taken ..... x 10 is too high .....

inactive players are only useful for a short time and even then you can make quick losses,
Since there is no 28-day rule, you can no longer find the most profitable moment for a raid on the inactive ..... Normally you wait until the production of the inactive is high enough and profitable enough ...... more than 7 days! Now it is the one who flies in, who has the least patience - Veluste mach and only screwed out on damage control ......
To attack inactive little players, or those inactive who have no defense is unreasonable for players from 500,000 points - that does not bring enough to further development - since you have fleet costs ......
the pirates were the best source of resources, but you can not find anything near them ... you have 4 friends around you - and you're lucky if you catch 25% of them (depending on how active you are in the galaxy) ) .... that's not and does not even cover the fleet costs of players from 1 million points ......

To the fleet costs klaerweise the expedition and so on ..... To hope for resources or profits from the expedition you can also forget ..... I have enough fleet in black holes lost and 1 time of 10 losses a small amount of resources receive ...... this is a 100% lost business .....
The pirates were thus our last chance to be able to develop as bigger.

In my size, I see only the way to destroy my entire fleet and "Farmville" to play here - that is, the PC only every 6 days turn on and see if the next production building can build ......... because everything else is loss or not enough profit to cover the fleet costs ...... So you really can not play ..... So you will have no more enemies - because so far, everyone will soon notice .... ,

I can barely speak English - I do not know if it will be understood ... because I wrote it with the help of a translation program ..... nothing stands in the German forum ....

the big alliances are really worried and had huge network problems due to the loss of some players ...... Some have deleted the alliance stations .....

I do not know what you were thinking - do not you realize that you've cut all the way for advanced players in the meantime? .....
Fuck the last few crystals - I do not need anyway, if I delete myself .....
8 June 2019 00:51
8 June 2019 00:51
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Group guest
Well let me see where to start, i have been playing about 3 months now and all i have seen is GREED from the developers!!!!!

You cut storage, basically forcing people to buy a useless storekeeper officer!

You nerf Trampolines, making it virtually impossible for newer players to be able to support themselves with vesp to hunt pirates for resources to progress in the game in a timely manner!! Forcing them to buy vesp to move large fleets !!!

You nerf the best pirate hunting ship in the game for low level and new players, making it very hard to gather resources to progress!!

What about all of the people in the game that spent 20k HC for each level of pirate officer to make their SW's go faster? I assume you will be reimbursing that HC to compensate steeling it from them under false pretenses???

Normally in a game you post the ""proposed"" changes to the game, and listen to the replies of the gaming community before implementing the change to make sure it is what the majority of players want. This is common sense, it also gives you job security and ensures company growth!! Lets face it No Job = No Vodka !!!

Ok to sum this up! You all sat down and started the meeting by saying ""Lets discuss how we can screw as much money out of these players as possible"" then that wasn't enough so you decided to create a huge rift between low to medium players  and big players!!

Seriously guys, you need to stand in front of a mirror and give yourselves a dam good talking to!! You are going to loose money by being to greedy!!!!!!
12 June 2019 10:21
12 June 2019 10:21
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I will check regularly the online players number.  God bless you

And I suggest you gift the player of the year with your "souvenir" instead of HC.  That will make them happy
12 June 2019 15:08
12 June 2019 15:08


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