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Topic: Edit of the well and of the lake | 18 July 2015 12:18
Message #41
Quote: dimitrisnik24
crystals lakes still has no icon will be fixed?

Crystal lake is a new building in the implementation process.
The building has not entered yet. It still has no icon of itself.
Topic: Edit of the well and of the lake | 18 July 2015 11:52
Message #40
Recently introduced building – metal well and crystal lake, they were corrected.
Significantly reduced energy costs at lower levels and significantly increased production at lower levels of these buildings (about 3 times).
At higher levels the increase is seen less. (The formulas are in buildings).
In general, buildings are very useful for all new players now.
They almost double the initial production, making the process of exploring the game better.
Metal well now occupies 1 field (all levels) and the lake is still the same.
Topic: Metal well | 16 July 2015 14:21
Message #39
The new Terran building "Metal well" is presented. Production formula is still being finalized, but current you will find in the description of the building.

Also the production of a metal mine was reduced. As the production of a mineral mine was reduced too. Formulas were added in the descriptions
Topic: Capture a player planet | 16 July 2015 10:57
Message #38
It is impossible to capture the occupied planet. The exception - is Insta. This is the first planet in the galaxy that you can capture with buildings, you can also capture enemy asteroids.
Topic: Expedition | 16 July 2015 10:35
Message #37
To make expeditions more successful, it is necessary to develop different technologies and to try different combinations of fleet units.
Topic: Planet size / useful fields | 16 July 2015 08:44
Message #36
The number of fields on the planet does not depend on its size. You can colonize the same planet several times and each time to get a new random number of fields. Thus, it is possible to achieve the desired number of fields on the planet
Topic: Different changes from 07.14.2015 | 14 July 2015 20:46
Message #35
The cost of the flaming worm, the usurper, the devourer and the guardian remade in the direction of the more metal and gas and less mineral (at the cost in unires is not affected - that is, in the end, the price remained the same, but became more convenient to build them on the basis of production Changes are not affected to the armor - only guard armor, just a little bit got up)

Requirements for some evolutions were changed (but probably only the players who registered a week ago notice this).

Tectonic Converter (Toss) gives now 7 fields, instead of 5.

For Juggernaut - basic capacity was risen from 350 000 to 400 000
Topic: The round-time of the battle is doubled | 13 July 2015 22:06
Message #34
One round in battle is increased from 25 to 50 seconds.
The waiting time of the possibility of stroke was increased from 25 to 50 seconds (the time of the accrual of stroke).
The time required to the order "retreat" increased from 150 to 250 seconds.

When new group fleet joining the battle they are not join to old but become separate.
For example, you have 100 Mudkips in fights and another 100 Mudkips arrives. Turns out not 1 group of 200 Mudkips, but 2 groups of 100 Mudkips each.

All changes were made to enable players to carry out more strategies in the battle.
Topic: Resources | 13 July 2015 12:12
Message #33
Yes It is correct. For today, we have no mineral well so as vespene well. We have only metal well in the implementation process.
Topic: The Terraformer was improved | 13 July 2015 10:25
Message #32
Now the building of Terran the Terraformer provides 10 fields per level, not 7 as earlier.

Defense of xerjs’ colonies has fallen in price a bit due to repositioning of prices in the metal.

We enter the new building for Terran –a metal well. The full announcement will be after the implementation of all images in all interfaces and skins of the project.
Topic: Quest 8 and the code key not sent to me | 7 July 2015 15:01
Message #31
In this case, the Code is a conditional phrase. There are no any Physical code in this quest. The only real code that you can buy after passing the tenth quest to activate Toss.
Topic: Geologist bonus reduced to 4% per level | 6 July 2015 18:10
Message #30
The bonus from the officer Geologist reduced from 5 to 4%.
Message #29
The ability to comment mail sending of Alliance was added. Only one who has rights to the newsletter can comment it. This option is available for messages sent after upgrade.
Topic: Last visit | 30 June 2015 13:44
Message #28
The status "last visit" shows when the player last visited the forum, not the game. The player can be active in game, but not to visit the forum at all and vice versa.
Topic: Improvements and nuclear weapons | 26 June 2015 18:08
Message #27
Now in description of experimental researches you can find out how much Haydarian crystals were actually spent on failure.

Also the chances of positive experimental researches were improved and the effect of high levels was reduced.

Nuclear missiles now changed to a fixed time of flight in 36 hours 48 hours. And the distance increased to 100,000 (about 100 systems). For comparison - earlier the rocket flew this distance for two weeks.
Topic: The competition is finished! | 26 June 2015 14:25
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It was here
Topic: The competition is finished! | 26 June 2015 13:55
Message #25
Thanks everyone who participated.

We are pleased to announce the results

1) dimitrisnik24 –gets a red bug

2) 4star0th – gets a yellow bug

3) Michael – gets a green bug
Topic: Abandon colony | 26 June 2015 09:16
Message #24
May be you entering an incorrect password, check the password and the keyboard layout.
Message #23
From today you can take no more resources than the monthly production through the mission Transport. This feature is not applied on the transfer between the planets.

If you send more than the player can get you will receive a message of this type here

If at the time when the alien transport reached your planet, your production will be less than you can take - transport will unfold and you will receive a message of this type.

Quest-planets and quest-players do not take into account. Bestiary does not take into account too.
The minimum limit on receiving is 10 000 000 Unires
Topic: Medals for a record number of units | 23 June 2015 17:16
Message #22
I think many people are already familiar with the subject “Medals for a record number of units”

The development is entered, and tomorrow new Champions will receive their medals.

1) issuing medals for fleet particular unit is possible once a year.
2) the medal is given for the movement in the table, it is not necessary to be the champion but you have to become the champion
3) medals for Arbiter and Nagibator are not issued