Gravity Trampoline


750 000625 0001 000 000


Allows you to move the fleet between two points in space, granting a great speed because of encapsulation in the gravitational field. Relict technology of galloping gravitational field is incomprehensible. Therefore, the construction of such trampolines is possible only on the constantly moving objects of an ancient race, converted in the stations by pirates. To move you need at least two trampolines on the high orbits: the first at the starting point is a pusher of the gravitational field, and the other becomes a source of attraction. Put the fleet on the high orbit of first your trampoline and using the special button start jump, which will increase the speed of your fleet 10 times and the fuel consumption will be 1/2 from you would have spent for a regular flight between the high orbits. It is impossible to move trampolines during the jump, but if the enemy destroys initial or final trampoline (even partially), it will interrupt the jump and fleet fall out from the gravitational field to the sun’s orbit of flight coordinates. The distance and the number of teleported ships depends on the number of trampolines. The formula for the range of the moving fleet: 10 000 * [number of trampolines] to the extent of 0.9. Formula of moving fleet points: [number of trampolines points] × 10. After the jump, you can not use the high orbit for re-jump during the day.
Mass attack
Number of units destroyed in 1 shot at basic damage characteristics
from humans from xerjs from tosses