Open voting: Do I think it is necessary to use a touch phalanx in the gameplay?

1.No, I am satisfied with the current use of the sensor phalanx. There is no need to change anything! - 3 (33%: kaa86, 123514, 007Slava)

2. I support the idea of a new mechanism of the sensory phalanx, perhaps even with minor modifications, I will describe it further in this topic. - 5 (56%: mirotvorec73, rassssol, M-M, SDA, Akakij)

3. I think that this idea is not suitable, but the mechanism of operation of the sensory phalanx it needs to be done according to a radically different principle, and I will describe the idea of the new mechanism separately in this topic. - 1 (11%: Kulibin)

Total voted: 9.

Sensory phalanx, New mechanism of operation of the sensory phalanx

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In view of the fact that the cutting of the sensory phalanx led to an almost complete abandonment of its use, which was due to the fact that people were indignant that objects were being scanned at extreme distances from the object itself from which the scanning was taking place, the lack of messages that you were being scanned and much more, I suggest a little change the use of the sensor phalanx in order to use it as a security object for alliance territories and as a tool for attackers, when receiving information where the fleets of potential victims are hidden, in the event of an arrival or their territory

Sensory phalanx (hereinafter - PHALA)
1. FALA should work on objects that have a phalanx. A basic scan should show a fleet in colonization mode, a fleet in flight to a facility or planet. The report shows (total fleet composition points, fleet owner, arrival time, arrival coordinates, fleet composition and departure coordinates are not visible)
2. The FALA must have a fixed base range equal to 10 systems (10,000 ukm).
3.Each level of FALY should add 5% to the accuracy of determining the scan result. That is, level 1 will give 5% accuracy, level 20 should give 100% accuracy.
4. Starting from the 21st level of FALY, for each new level it should reduce its Vesp consumption per scan by 2%.
5. Starting from level 30, if there is a “TELEPATH” officer, FALA must see flying objects (stations and OPS) at scanned coordinates. The report contains a message (arrival coordinates, structure of the object, owner of the object, time of arrival).

1. Each level of the “Emperor” officer must add 2000 ukm to the scanning range per officer level.
2.Officer “Emperor” from level 1 should immediately give 100% scanning accuracy.
3. The “Emperor” officer from level 1 should allow additional visibility of the fleet located on planets and objects, as well as flying from a planet or object. From officer level 2, the fleet on expedition is visible. The report contains additional information, which displays the composition of the fleet, departure coordinates, the order with which the fleet is flying, departure time and return time (if the flight order includes a return), the cooling time of the object (station or OPS).

Features (as it should be):
1. Scanning with FILM is only possible using coordinates outside the fog
2. The presence of an Arbiter as part of the fleet or at the facility (station or OPS) saves from scanning the FALLS. The report receives the message “There is no way to decipher the report,” which will indicate that something is either flying to the coordinates or from the coordinates, but what and when will arrive is unclear. If a fleet with an Arbiter is scanned in colonization mode, the report “No data found” is received.
3. If no fleets or objects are detected during scanning, a “No data found” report is received.
4. If a planet or object (lunar structure, station or OPS) is scanned and is at rest (cooling), then when scanning their coordinates, the owner of the scanned object receives the message “Your planet or object located at the coordinates ... was scanned by the sensor phalanx, time and scan date."
5.Each (except for the last level) level of the sensory phalanx can be destroyed by 50 missiles, and can also be eaten by lexes, if the levels are not affected by fortification.
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