Open voting: Raise the speed of aircraft carriers?

1) Yes, pick it up, the poor guy's tosses stopped flying altogether, let them donate further - 9 (50%: Rand, Nameless, Membar, Alexfca, Frytz, Tristan, Tantall, Gorini4, marco65)

2) I'm tired of crafting, of life, the world is in recession, it's all gone - 9 (50%: Anarchis, krick, strangersan, Zinfin, Darkside, RolandA, skavr1, IceQueen, Tvister100)

Total voted: 18.

Raise the speed of aircraft carriers, Raise the speed of aircraft carriers

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Good day!

I propose to change the speed bonuses for aircraft carriers from the technology and from the officer in the following way:

Photon Cognition changed increase to 3% per level (now 1.5%)
Space Warp change increase to 3% per level (now 1.5%)
Cybernetics change increase to 5% per level (currently 1%)
29 August 2022 10:55:31
29 August 2022 10:55:31
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Quote: Nameless
сделайте шаг на встречу... .
Сделайте тот шаг
29 days ago
29 days ago
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Quote: Nameless
Вам нужно написать прописные истины
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29 days ago


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