Political system of the sector is ready, release

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Dear participants of the project, the administration of the project to continue the course of self-government declares the readiness of the political system in accordance with the draft voted by the majority of members of the Supreme Council and the amendments by the Senate.

Tribune of the plebs station is pink for some reason

The first elections for heads of alliances are scheduled for 1 December this year and the first elections for the Tribune of the plebs are scheduled for 1 March next year because the senators have not expressed a desire to hold the Tribune of the plebs elections on 1 September as proposed.

The Senate, Congress and the SIC can begin discussing the work of the Inquisition. At the moment the inquisition has been appointed by the project administration, it is T-800. UncleanOne balance editor has also been appointed.
25 August 2021 04:52:22
25 August 2021 04:52:22


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