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Not a balance update, but still worthy of an announce.

Info pages were reworked: some new data was added and some useless bits discarded. Also, all dependencies on player information were sorted out, so infos can now be viewed in Vacation Mode or even without authorization.

The most useful change would be the introduction of 'payback' info for resource producing objects. Payback time is defined as how much time will be needed to cover construction costs of higher levels with additional production they're going to provide. The shorter this time is, the better, so knowing it should help with making more informed decisions while developing your Empire.

Other changes include:
- Resource producing units (e.g. Droids) can show production tables if they meet the requirements. Cheaper units use 'x2' scaling instead of '+1' in their tables.
- In cases where production is impossible (e.g. Incubator on a moon), production data won't be shown. Moon-specific data (like extra fields per level) will be shown instead.
- “Difference” columns should now show difference with player's current level, not the difference between adjacent levels.
- Build/research acceleration data is integrated into comparison tables for all objects and is shown as speedup multipliers, not obscure percentages (remember, percentages are a crime against humanity).
- Units that don't have direct attack or capability for space flight now don't show corresponding rows at all. Units that have special combat abilities instead of a direct attack (e.g. Science Vessel) won't show that data either (abilities themselves will still work as usual and could be viewed in unit description).
- Detailed info for bonuses in unit characteristics now use “race context” of the unit, not the player. E.g. while viewing a Xerj unit as a humans player and opening the “Weapons technology” link in attack damage details will show Xerj version of that shared research, instead of Humans. Same “race context” rule is applied for 'Catalogue' sections.
- Artifacts and some other special units don't show meaningless info.
- Requirement aren't shown for objects of races that are alien for the player (they, as the object itself cannot be built anyway in that case). 'Catalogue' pages will still show them, since they use race of an object itself as a reference.
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