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Bug, Shipyard

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Hi I went up 1 level to 5 in my shipyard. It completed but will not allow me to do the next level. I have the requirements but opening it build is greyed out and clicking on build just tells me I can cancel or wait. It has been finished for over 12 hours.
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2 April 2020 09:45
2 April 2020 09:45
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if ships in construction you can not upgrade
3 April 2020 22:18
3 April 2020 22:18
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If the planet has any ships or defenses queued for construction, the Shipyard cannot be upgraded. Same for Research Lab with a research in progress.
So it's not a gameplay bug, but I think the error message was not clear enough. I clarified it a bit, thanks for bringing this up.
4 April 2020 13:36
4 April 2020 13:36


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