Hydarian is tied to the US dollar

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After the ruble has dipped once again, the administration of the project made the final decision to equate the Hydarian crystal with a stable currency.

For the last month, the ruble has depreciated by 30%.
Falling oil prices + inflation in the ruble.

For the last 5 years the ruble has depreciated 2 times.
Oil price decline + ruble inflation.

For the last 15 years the ruble has depreciated 3 times.
Decline in oil prices + ruble inflation + global crisis in 2008.

For the last 25 years the ruble has depreciated 15 times.
Decline in oil prices + ruble inflation + bankruptcy of Russia in 1998.

Over the last 30 years the rouble has depreciated 90000 times.
Crude oil price decline + rouble inflation + bankruptcy of the USSR in 1991.
The ruble has depreciated 2000000 times for the last 100 years.
Bankruptcy of the Russian Empire, the early Soviet Union, permanent denominations and reforms in the USSR, bankruptcy of the USSR, bankruptcy of Russia in 1998.

We're sick of it.

From now on, 1 Hydarian crystal = 2 US cents.

1 Hd = 0.02 USD

The profitability of the project is 10-25%. It is impossible to live when for a month the ruble rate can eat 30% of profitability. We held on as we could, but I ask the project participants to understand.

The base price for officers has been reduced by 10% after the new rate. To overcome inflation in the dollar, the base price will rise by 1 Hd every 2 months, just as it was announced in 2018 after the officers' reform.

There are still small discounts on Hydarian somewhere. Thus, for residents of Europe and the U.S. when paying through the FastSpring system, package discounts of up to 5% are provided.

For residents of Russia and Ukraine is available a permanent discount of 6% when paying through PayMaster or Webmoney and for the whole world is available a discount of 5% when paying through Xsolla.

I can not say how long the discount periods will last.

Switching to dollars will help us to continue to provide our esteemed project participants with quality services. And to improve this very quality.
31 March 2020 13:25:21
31 March 2020 13:25:21
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REALY ??????  I am german capital list. There is NO absolute No production company what has more than 5% profitability.
Your 10 - 25% are more than the German Bank has. the biggest Bank house in the world. You are Greedy.
Possible you have to much people want a piece from cake.  LEss admins - less game changes - less costs ! ! !
The screen shows 1,9 cent per USD - netto.  without any costs or VAT.  And you go for 2 cent. wich is even more .

seems like ever you calculate different.
1000 hc = 27,96 Euro as 1 USD is 0,91 Euro
we pay 30,67 USD
Seems unfortunately you are 30% more expensive even VAT is 19%

AS payment costs grow with you.
I remember times 1000 HC was 19,67 Euro.  now it is 30% more.
and in game prices got 1000 times upwards, too
So what ever inflation in russia is. You call it coruption.
The ingame seems to be 1000 times bigger. Right ?
And payment costs of more than 20% are absolute illegal in Europe. just as info.
31 March 2020 15:57:27
31 March 2020 15:57:27
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Dear Victoria and other staff

It is evident you have very little understanding how a free market works. You come from a society rooted in socialistic ideology and you are used to central artificial manipulation of everything. However, in the case of this game, it will not work because you are active in a free market where you have competition. The idea with capitalism is to stimulate growth, profitability, wealth and innovation by competition. Not by regulation, price fixing and actions based on ideologies. In the case of Xcraft, you should increase profit by making a better game and grow the customer base. Not by increasing the cost per customer in absurdum. Xcraft is already very expensive compared to alternatives. It is normal for enterprises in a market economy to increase efficiency by 5 - 7 percent annually on average. At the same time, the growth shall be more than that, typically 10 - 20 percent. This means  5 - 7 percent lower prices per year but more customers and more total revenue. This is what drives progress and this is the reason why socialism always fails.
Many (most) makers of pay-to-play games do the same mistake. The result is that the customer base stagnates or shrink. After a few years, there are only players with big wallets left and they keep playing only because they have already invested so much. However, in the end, they always quit because they finally realize the psychology behind it.
Another mechanism in free markets that you don't seem to be aware of is the need for investors to have stability. No one invests in a market that is not stable. Spending money (investing) in this game is very risky considering how the project is run. This is also a long term strategy game so the need for stability is even bigger. Personally, I have spent quite a bit of cash here but wouldn't even consider it anymore. I can't recommend my hundreds of friends playing other pay-to-play games to switch to Xcraft either because the trend curve points in the wrong direction.
The trends are all to clear and I have seen the same thing happen before in other game platforms. Death by over-taxation. 
31 March 2020 16:43:21
31 March 2020 16:43:21
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..so you mention the inflation in russia..  
well comparing this to the ingame (hc) based inflation it's quiet low. Anything has become much much more expensive since i started playing. the costs for HC also increased and now even jumped further.. so i get less for my real money and even less for HC.. 

sorry to say this but you're just a bunch of greedy people. hopefully even more player will open their eyes and stop buying hc. not to mention, that your changes are often dramatic, not announced and mostly make it harder for new players and therefore we shal pay you even more.. well at least this "logically" and adds in the row "pay more and get even less".. worse game; worse support; much more expensiv, due to changes much more needed ingame services; and for that all we need to pay even more and more.

It's absolute ridiculous and your agumentaton is flawed and far away from beeing reasonable. what does it matter what 100 years ago thas happened.. back then there was no internet and has nothing to do with the game or whatever. 

stop fooling us.


...поэтому вы упомянули об инфляции в России...
Ну, если сравнивать с инфляцией, основанной на ингейме (hc), то она спокойно низкая. Все стало намного дороже с тех пор, как я начал играть. затраты на HC также увеличились и теперь даже прыгнули дальше... поэтому я получаю меньше за свои реальные деньги и еще меньше за HC...

Извините, что говорю это, но вы просто кучка жадных людей. надеюсь, еще больше игроков откроют глаза и перестанут покупать ХК. не говоря уже о том, что ваши изменения часто драматичны, не объявляются и в основном делают это труднее для новых игроков, и поэтому мы будем платить вам еще больше... ну по крайней мере это "логически" и добавляет в строке "платить больше и получать еще меньше"... хуже игра; хуже поддержка; гораздо больше расходы, из-за изменений гораздо больше нуждается в ingame услуг; и за это все, что нам нужно платить еще больше и больше.

Это абсолютная нелепость, а ваш агументатон несовершенен и далек от разумного пчелиного. какая разница, что случилось 100 лет назад... тогда не было интернета и не имело никакого отношения к игре или чему-то еще.

Хватит нас обманывать.

Переведено с помощью www.DeepL.com/Translator (бесплатная версия)
31 March 2020 16:44:27
31 March 2020 16:44:27
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Group guest
This post stinks of Russian nationalism rather than a business decision, as well as blaming the rest of the world for your problems. maybe if you guys where not  ruled by a long list of ruthless dictators in the past 100 years and now, you would not have such problems. But it IS IRRELEVANT! You live in the present and should make decisions in the present. I will only continue to play your game only because I like my alliance, enjoy the $6 I spent on you because you wont get anymore from me. Good Luck!  
31 March 2020 19:23:29
31 March 2020 19:23:29
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Over 2 years of my life I have spend in this game.
And how do you repay loyalty?
By making dramatic changes that degrades the game [Also called nerfing the game].
Almost every change in the last 2 years have been for the worst.
I have spend hard earned money on this game. Money I could have used to buy some food, or repair my car.
I am not a big wallet player.
Your free to play, has become a total pay to play game. If you do not pay for stuff, your stuff gets stolen by admin and resold to you at higher prices. Maybe you are used to that. We are not. Theft is theft.
You say you restructured the officers, you restructred the computer tech. you are restructuring the game into oblivion. And then you change the price of the HC.
I am sad to say that you have seen the last of me for a while.
Your rules go on about not being alowed to bad mouth the admin, resulting in getting banned.
But if admin ignores the players, and makes it so that the current players do not want to play anymore, do not want to spend their money here anymore. what will you do?
You cannot force us to buy HC for the game.
You cannot force us to play the game.
You may just destroy the game with faulty reasoning.
Have a care, and rethink your current method of operations.
Why are the players mad at you? Why don't they want to buy HC anymore? Why are people like me looking at playing other games where free to play actually works? And we are not affraid to spend a few real money on a game that does not take it away and call it restructuring?
I used to enjoy playing this game. I spend 18 hours a day playing. developing my worlds. Now it is a punishment, and loyalty to my alliance keeps me here, for now.
31 March 2020 22:41:30
31 March 2020 22:41:30
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Yeah this all bull shit, your sick if it? Fucking kidding me? Your crystals at all time low in value and keep dropping DAILY in value. It is not the economies fault you are loosing money. You literally rob players of resources and nerf everything that can be put behind pay wall, increase the price on everything to do with crystals and then cry because you not getting enough money? Stop killing the damn game then fucking morons, start decreasing the prices and more people start to spend! Not increase them and complain, a child could come up with better excuses than these. Lost any money coming from me
1 April 2020 01:19:30
1 April 2020 01:19:30
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Thank you for your timely announcement.
Almost ready to spend quite some money getting lots of HC to grow a new race super quickly after discussions with the players in-game.
Your newest policy is the death of that new idea.
So deeply appreciative of the fact that you helped me save the money.
What you have just done will most definitely make everyone not want to spend money in your game.
Have a nice day and I hope you all will find a way out of this mess so that I can continue enjoying your game as a non-buying hc player.
1 April 2020 15:50:20
1 April 2020 15:50:20
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Group guest
Your instability and living costs are not our problem. You supposed required profit margin is a damn joke. Most games thrive on less than 10%. Here's an idea to cut costs - get rid of the incompetent morons that are destroying the game, start getting rid of the admins, developers, and editors that dont do their job - I would even go as far to add your own name to that list of incompetents that dont do their job Victoria! Quit wasting money on developing art that is not necessary and effects absolutely no function of the game when there are things going to hell already. Pretty graphics dont fix how utterly broken the game mechanics are!

I am not sure what is more sad... the fact you actually expect us to believe this crap that you are spewing to us or that you think its "beneficial to the game" and actually believe it yourself... Many better games have died off over less stupidity than your "balance" updates. Since when is raping, pillaging and destroying the game benefiting it? The only people it benefits is the greedy admins and developers! Not the players! As others have said your idea of "balance" is completely screwed up and you need wake up while there is a game and player base left! The only reason most of us are here is because of the friendships we made. Many of us as so fed up with the bullshit for admins and developers that the players have even moved entire alliances worth of people into other games where we cant be stolen from and screwed over by your bullshit updates and balance edits! Who will you rape and pillage when we all finally say fuck it, its not worth it anymore? Who will pay your exorbitant salary and development needs then?

I have spent plenty of money in this game in the past yet you will not see another cent from me. I am here only for the friends I made and alliance members i brought together, and to tell the new players of the supposed balance updates that you make so can make sure they dont contribute! I used to spend most of my day in game. Now I am lucky if I can be bothered to log in for a few minutes here and there to respond to messages because of the shit show the game has become... wondering what you asshats decided to fuck up next every time I log in or if I even will be able to that day or if it finally is the day the game died... You have increased the costs of everything, stolen from us multiple times and then expect us to keep paying for this crap you are trying to call a game. Even if you  bring in new players, will they stay when the ones that remain tell them how fucked up this game has become because of your greed?
2 April 2020 16:06:06
2 April 2020 16:06:06


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