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Subtraction of buildings from OPS when calculating statistics

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Jubilee contest Player of the Year 2019 is coming to an end. It’s prize fund is over 1 100 000. The project administration together with the Balance Editor decided to stop taking into account in the statistics of players' points the construction on the objects that can be transferred. First of all, these are Orbital Pirate Stations.

We have also disabled counting in the statistics of buildings at the Orbital Pirate Station and banks of the alliance, which are satellites. In the future, banks will be transferred within the alliance through elections. We have disabled the accounting of buildings at the BE-BE station.

We suggest to consider the possibility to leave the current system as it is, or to develop a system of capture / sale through the bestiary of all satellites, taking into account the points for satellites in the statistics.

Here's what we can do:
- Any satellite can be captured
- When leaving any satellite, it is not erased, but remains free to colonize.
- Everything that's not destroyed by the capture remains on the satellite.

If the order of capture and sale is satisfactory, we will implement it. We don't know yet how to do it ourselves, so as not to destroy the balance. But we need to develop measures against the black market, or don’t think about the black market, so as not to complicate the project for normal participants.
Example of a model. We will occupy the satellite, it stops moving. After 30 days of occupation it passes to the occupier.

It is also possible to consider the level of infrastructure instead of general statistics. To count only what is directly built.

Tomorrow's recalculation of statistics will show many changes in positions.

The BE-BE station has changed the owner. Now, instead of the player Sergey_Klivansky it is owned by Valentin999.
21 October 2019 20:02
21 October 2019 20:02
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This needs explanations
Points of buildings on OPS do not count. this is logic. other case the Top100 player can not steal ALL Ops ,
without getting out of point range.

Enemy can capure gates and sell them ?
Or dunklesteous ?
So we all join shadow alliance to be prevented for stealing ? 
This makes game better than ?
Do the strong player not have enaugh advantages ?
here in game are 100 old accaunts wich get use as multi accaunt
or got new owner.  now you allow to transfer their stuff.

You call that balance ?

this is only cheating. if a game does to much
it breaks down
21 October 2019 21:42
21 October 2019 21:42


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