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Deploy not working, Deploy comand not working

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This past week, I have deployed units to other objects, with the intent that they STAY THERE, but they keep returning to the item of orgin... example I sent a small fleet from my colony planet to my ripper to drop off supplies, and now they keep returning TO the RIPPER. They WILL NOT STAY ON MY COLONY planet...

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deploy any ship to another location, it still returns from where it was sent from, does not stay on deployed planet

3 April 2024 20:50:22
3 April 2024 20:50:22
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Doesn't reproduce. And I don't see any of your fleets that were returned after deploy.

Quote: ShadowsKiss
I sent a small fleet from my colony planet
Quote: ShadowsKiss

This description is confusing. Who flew where?
4 April 2024 11:36:30
4 April 2024 11:36:30
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UncleanOne, perhaps I can clarify. She's talking about two different fleets. she transported resources to her ripper, and sometime after the fleet returned, it apparently flew back to the ripper by itself, as if she had created a delayed fleet sending script. As for the other "fleet", she had built a metal harvester, but noticed that her metal production hadn't gone up. I told her to look in resources, and it wasn't shown in the list of resource and energy production sources. I had her check her fleet sending page, but it wasn't in the list of ships on the planet either. It was when she scrolled down that she noticed it had moved to her ripper without her doing anything, and as she watched it started flying back to the planet it was built on. Sometime afterwards, it flew to the ripper AGAIN.
5 April 2024 02:32:35
5 April 2024 02:32:35


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