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Poor Design & Change Control, Losses due to poor design and change control

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The user on whose account the problem was detected:
Magisteria (+ Xerj and Toss accounts)


Date or time of the incident (according to server time):
15 Feb 10:43 onwards

Two related changes were made earlier today and a few minutes ago (see screenshot)

As a result of the earlier change fleet that I had "colo-saved" indefinitely suddenly appeared in High Orbit from all three of my race accounts.
For two accounts I had 10 of 10 Planets occupied and so colonising fleets were ejected due to "sufficient level of Colonization technology" (I presume) although there was no fleet movement or time expiry.
For my third account I had Planets 8 of 9 so I don't believe the fleets should have been ejected at all.
With the subsequent change, presumably implemented hurriedly due to unforseen consequences, I don't believe any of my fleets should have been ejected.
Clearly the changes were poorly designed (and/or tested) and they were not communicated in advance of implementation so players had time to prepare.
As a result, most of my fleets ejected to High Orbit were attacked and destroyed.
Please PM me for full details of accounts affected and fleet losses for recompense.

Actions required to repeat the problem:
Developers implement such a change again without sufficient design or testing and without notice so that players can't prepare for inevitable issues

15 February 2024 21:50:52
15 February 2024 21:50:52
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The bug of being in colonization without a real opportunity to colonize an object has been fixed.

After the players appealed, it was decided to leave the fleet (that is in colonization or has returned to colonization) in colonization, even if the level of Colonization Technology is insufficient.

However, if in the Galaxy panel there is no function to send to Colonization, and on the fleet dispatch page there is a choice of the “Colonization” order, then you need to create a topic in the section, and not send EVERYTHING in this way.
This time "авось" it didn’t work out. Could be worse.
15 February 2024 21:58:12
15 February 2024 21:58:12


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