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invisible recycling, invisible fleet recycling

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The user on whose account the problem was detected:

Coordinates: 110:91:7

Date or time of the incident (according to server time): 12:07 11/09/2022

Description: Player recycling with fleet just got invisibility after atacl pirate.In image 1 we can see some debris, in image 2 taken minutes later we see that there is someone collecting them, in image 3 we see that there is no fleet in that position and yet someone is still collecting and they attacked just before starting to collect, it is not the case that there was an invisible fleet, the pirate came out, player kills pirate and therefore he collects being invisible. Also this would raise several questions, do the fleets in high orbit fight with invisible fleets or not? Did the player know where the pirate was going to come out to have an invisible fleet waiting?

Actions required to repeat the problem: make sure there is no bug with invisibility fleets

11 September 2022 12:17:03
11 September 2022 12:17:03
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It is not a bug.
It is a possibility to hide recycling. You can send one unit on a high orbit, to send it outside basic visibility and send recyclers to this unit.
23 September 2022 12:23:26
23 September 2022 12:23:26


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