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I like to start by saying this is a really good game, nice and slow, just how i like it.

The big problem with the game is there is no level balancing, user are kept at a certain lvl as to keep players spending.
I brought premium and spent some money on juggernauts so i could get more res, it was all going well until Blackdeathfromhell appeared and took all my hard work ( Debris: 13 985 520 metal and 8 100 680 minerals). My lvl at the time was 100k, Blackdeathfromhell's lvl was 816 212 I had no chance of protecting myself from that type of strength. so I spent another bit to replace my jugernauts so i could build up again what a mistake, the players i am buying of are part of a beastery clan that take your crystals and then come back and take your main fleet so they get you res and sell that too.

There should be some sort of leveling as to how far each side of your own level can be attacked, but then this wont happen as this is what they want ?.

Please put some time in the game and make it equal for new players to progress with at least a good chance of defeating what come there way. Before anyone say's i am crying then they are the ones doing the farming on here and getting rich of new players.

I am going to leave this game cancel my premium and forget you.

Wow it even costs 5 Hydarian Crystals to post in here, What a joke.
14 June 2022 12:35:13
14 June 2022 12:35:13
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IceBoxPaul, You will be approached by players who are 10 times larger than you (still counts as equal) - or even outnumbered (is a strategy option to rob even stronger ones).... also reckon with the attack flight on your fleet only 3 minutes or even less - so pay attention to the warm-up of your ships......

look for ways to keep your ships safe and consider which ships are actually relatively safe to move around the galaxy....

I don't have a premium-account and I didn't invest any money in the game. since nearly 4 years....
14 June 2022 18:20:34
14 June 2022 18:20:34


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