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To: Jackals Alliance - My first love. Aristaeus and crew, to this day - I still love the alliance and what it stands for. "The development of new players" Many such as myself were adopted by the Jackal alliance by its previous leaders, but as you know. Players do grow out of newbieness and they move on. It has always made me sad that the "Big Five" have never given this alliance has never been given its proper respect for what it truely contributes to the player base. I will continue to always think of my "Jackals" as my good friends.

To: Chem Brothers - My second love affair - Although some rocky starts and some coercion they finally made me theirs. Tis the way of war and conquest. Although, I love many of the members in Chem broz, I was deceived by them and forced to join them after several months of pummeling. However, once I did join them I was treated well and restored from many of the losses I took fighting the inevitable. Ultimately though, they had a falling out with the CZT and while I felt I was part of the Chembroz. I knew it was more of a forced decision to join by coercion.

To: CZT - My current and hopefully last resting place - Similar to the CB, I was not really forced to join them. I was given options because the core of my Jump gate network was in the heart of their territory. Quite honestly, I understood why it was a either join them or they would destroy my level 5 jump gate at the time, not an option to me. However, they could not afford to have a gate of that magnitude in the middle of their territory unless it was part of their alliance. The CZT and my recruiter Jon Poppers, explained to me that I could do one of the following: 1. Join them, 2. Drop the Chem Brothers tag, but they would still destroy my level 5 gate and after that no more attacks unless I threatened their members, or 3. leave the area. I chose number ONE. Since I have joined them, they respected my love of the Jackals and they ceased attacking them. In addition I made many friends with the "Tehb aka Shadow" and through that alliance the Jackal alliance was mostly left alone.

All of that being said, I have made tons of friends. I have many trade partners and many mini-agreements with players in the game. I have used trade agreements with so many players in this game because I had built up a very large jump gate network. Some people consider me as the "highway man". My 4 hub Jump gate network I have used to also help players get along in this game. However, the way the Emperor has changed things "VAS" He has single handedly eliminated all of this negotiation power from players to whatever diabolical simple stupid game he has now. Now we can no longer evolve this game to the culture that we all like. We might as well call this game "VasleyCraft" Originally it was "Xcraft" The X being us, that is gone now.

While I would like to say that I quit. I can't do that to you all. So, I will maintain a limited monitoring play level in the game as I really can not develop my game anymore. I won't contribute any more money to the game and have since the reduction of production and 67% reduction of gate distance. I really see no point in being highly active in the game. My fleets are all in a never ending state of expedition, which is lame.

I wish I could say I enjoy the game, but now I am only in it because I like all of you. Both friends and foes.

Take care,

2 November 2021 17:22:50
2 November 2021 17:22:50


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