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REASONS for inflation. IF people do not trust own money. it get worthless.
So if YOU say this is LAST change in gate range ever ( WE ALL REMEMBER YOUR WORDS VASJA ! ! ! )
AND YOU LYE. no one trusts in your words. your ingame money / cristals / resources get worthless
AND NO idiot will spend any money more. IF the invests are not a minumum future secure.

I am stupid. I can not understand. You rise Costs of a 100 systems jump gate
from level 4 to level 10 wich is ----> 6 times doubled. 6 times doubled ! ! !
And then you cry about inflation ? Inflation is - if all gets more expensive and Resources are not worth the same then before.
So Reason for inflation is clear.
You do it with such game changes.

You make a smal game change and give Anti Rockets to OPS. So only some player can conquer.
ALL other destroy the shit. SO MUCH res on market.

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31 August 2021 23:41:10
31 August 2021 23:41:10
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Not a bug. Moved to General Discussion.
Please do not use Bugs forum to attract attention to your concerns.
31 August 2021 23:46:25
31 August 2021 23:46:25
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UncleanOne, There is no concern.
VASJA promised at last gate range change .
this is last change in gate ranges ! ! !
I think I get all money back at all my accaunts.
ESPECIAL as you change game to total other game.
THATS not game we payed for.
WHY you guys do not create a new game . instead of changing this to fuck.
WE ALL DID NOT JOIN the game "civilisation" or other game you want to copy.
We joined a fleet war game
31 August 2021 23:52:59
31 August 2021 23:52:59
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These recent changes to the game are a violation of trust between the devs and the player base, I joined a space based strategy fleet battle game and now I get Farmville. No thanks I have canceled my premium membership and will be leaving the game very quickly unless these changes are reversed. enjoy your shrinking revenues.
1 September 2021 03:09:24
1 September 2021 03:09:24
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thats not a bug

OTR has just invested more members and more money in the game - that's the difference ... otherwise no difference .....

Wormhole, blackhole, shithole ... it doesn't matter, I don't need Fleet for game development - actually not the whole game .... As a civilization game, it never worked through all the limitations of the WPS / exhaustion issue, as it currently does not as a war game functions... Started here 3 years ago because I had an exciting fleet-war game and had fun with it, regardless of who actually wins - like in chess, I don't respect the opponent as an enemy, but as a player who is better or worse than me ...

OTR or non-OTR - I don't give a damn ... ... I'm not a politician, just a player who has just as headaches as you, your comrades and my comrades - like everyone ...
and in all honesty .. even if you had shot them down, I would have just laughed "it's just a game" and congratulated you for the good "search work and correct use of the fleet" .. but seeing the fleet dead by making changes, like that arbitrarily as Vaysa wants it to be, that's not fair, he doesn't have to search and invest - he just has to make a change surprisingly and without notice in the game so that there are costs and losses, and he does that all the time ...

I answer you here because the error message is no longer possible ... if you like, you can also vote here for the return of the original gate range ... Alliance membership, it doesn't matter - we all have the same enemy .....
1 September 2021 08:16:58
1 September 2021 08:16:58


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