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NAgibator quest, Medals

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Dear Admins.
I had more then 18 Nagibator medals in profile. thats 1.8% more power.
Now only have 9 ! Where are they gone ?

16 Battles I got only 1 medall per battle.
SO WHERE ARE THEY ? ? ? TExt says CLEAR with EACH destroyed nagibator ship
So I destroyed this year at least 12 nagibator ships.
And have less medalls then last year ??? Where is the logic.
Change your description. ! ! !
WHY HE did not loose 65% of the medals ?
16 April 2021 23:11
16 April 2021 23:11
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If you got 2 medals in a battle, the report would show the correct amount, but credit 4.
We have fixed the problem and removed the extra medals.
23 April 2021 07:17
23 April 2021 07:17


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