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OPS power bug

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So you took away the ability of Xerj to build small and large shields on an OPS and also took away any existing ones, but you didn't take away the power requirements from the shields that are now missing so I'm paying power for stuff that no longer exists: No shields anymore. Shields drawing power

Also, (just a suggestion here) the space station should take the required gas needed for teleportation when you activate it, not when the countdown reaches zero. The Xerj insect takes the gas right away, why not the Human space station?
16 March 2021 00:12
16 March 2021 00:12
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Scan your object from another account, and have a look , most likely the shield domes are still there, if not then there is a bug

Logically the space station should consume gas right away , but what happens if you make a mistake in the coordinate location and then cancel , lose the gas I would assume
The incectoid consumes and moves right away jumping coordinates one at a time while the station teleports to the location
16 March 2021 03:41
16 March 2021 03:41
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The second screenshot shows that you have domes on the ops. They consume energy and this is not a bug
16 March 2021 07:30
16 March 2021 07:30


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