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Language setting, Language

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A long time ago.
I posted bug report. because got American Flagg with english language setting.
Admins changed it.
This is my view
If I switch teran or toss to RUSSIAN - I see THIS
Of course it is a bug and you did per mistake. Right ?
This way you take care all know we are enemy.
Union Jack and Stars and Stripe same time. watched from different players.
Next month minimum 89 PREMIUM PAYER QUITT PREMIUM. I tell exact date soon.
Possible we find some more who JOIN until April.
We are sick from Game changes providing only the big OLD alliances.

DOES NO ADMIN see the sinking numbers of english Player, who spend money ?
This means you did some misstakes and it is time to correct.
Or the times of this game stop faster, you think.
We all have also E...E accaunts. Same expensive. But not provided 1 player group.
All are egal there.

Denied of OPS stealing "strong" player . That guys who have enaugh res for defences.
New colonisation rules. In fact the total OPS stealing shit. Point degrease
And that they are free to act without respecting any rule.
That Pact of Tehb, CZT and OTR makes much more then 50% of Galaxy --- ! 1.3 Billion ship points are pacted. Only at the 3 top alliances.
All other alliances together do not have more then some % of this.
There is no balance in game. Admins and balance Editor did not do their job.
In 5 years I found 10 ways to bother the OLDS.
And every time a instand game change was made at 1 day.

I would say. kick this big guys who do not realy play and only suck money out of game.
and this "Project" would have much more profit.
4 March 2021 02:45:48
4 March 2021 02:45:48


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