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CANON POWER / destruction of OPS defence, New points of Fleet and defence.

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Hello Admins.
Gravity Gun shooting OPS Defence.
You did a change in Fleet and Defence points.
Because of "Battleexperiance" ships still count and show OLD Value.
But sum does not correlate with fleet size points.
NOW - We are shooting OPS Defences.
AND oh wonder.
Spy show - destruction does not correlate with power of gun and lost
Structure in OPS.
MEANS a spy shows 370K less structure. Even it should be 540K less structure
in that time. ( I think because of changes in Defence / Planetary Defence Points )
The point nerv was extreme change. So I think you did not calculate
all points depending and affecting this change in game ?
Is this possible?
16 February 2021 16:17
16 February 2021 16:17
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HardStone, gravity damage isn't tied to stat points. Can you please give more info about those objects? (In PM)
16 February 2021 16:26
16 February 2021 16:26


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