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Simulator Issue resulted in lost SW

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Hey, I just lost a Flagship in a battle, which i simulated first. I now have ran quiet a lot simulations to find the failure, but even if i send the Flagship alone.. i shouldn't have lost it.. at least that's what the simulator tells me.

So I need help please!

original Simulation i did

i then decided to send more ships with Sciecen Vessel and a Destroyer which is the original battle, heres the simulation therefor:

and an modified extra hard simulation

I might made a mistake, but I don't see where. Even alone, against admi 33 and aggression 29 the SW should still survive.

Battlereport can be provided, but i would rather not share it in public.

I have the feeling, that the SW did less Dmg in the battle, than he did in the Simulation. But that might be just my Imagination.

Please have a look into this matter.
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12 February 2021 04:58
12 February 2021 04:58
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Quote: Graale
I might made a mistake, but I don't see where.

There was some subtle difference in simulation settings that hid a possible outcome from you.

There are different positioning schemes that are used in battles at some planetary object and in battles on space coordinates. In simulator this is controlled by “Battle on planet” checkbox. In your simulations, it was selected (as it is by default), but the actual combat with a pirate was taking place on coordinates, which means that initial positions of your ships in simulation was different from what you've simulated.

This was a very close battle, and the initial position was crucial. In your simulation, fleets were farther away from each other, so at the start of the battle your flagship could only reach an enemy flagship group with its shots. This means, in simulation it was consistently “locking” an enemy flagship group from the very start and destroying it before enemy would deal fatal damage. But in the actual combat due to different positioning most enemy groups were reachable from the start, so your flagship was able to choose any of them (target selection in case of multiple targets is random, weighted by target's “angular size”). So there was a possibility for your flagship to get “distracted” by other targets and let enemy flagships deal enough damage to destroy it.

As an example, here's a simulation where all other inputs are identical to yours, except the “Battle on planet” setting is turned off: In it, the pirate wins. If you re-run it several times you can see different outcomes. But I wasn't able to get one like that in your original simulation, so that setting was necessary to see true range of possible outcomes.

Quote: UncleanOne
it was selected (as it is by default)

To conclude on that, while everything worked “to the letter” we think there was a clear UX issue with that setting. Namely, turning it on by default when opening simulator from Galaxy (while reviewing fleets on coordinates) made little sense: most of the times such fleets would be fought on coordinates, not on a planet. We made it so this setting will be turned off when the simulator is opened from fleet panel in Galaxy. Thank you for your report that helped to uncover this issue.
12 February 2021 12:45
12 February 2021 12:45


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