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Record the election of the People's Tribune, Maybe good?

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I welcome everyone to our newly elected Senate! I am sure that all of you are worthy representatives of your alliances and express their interests.
In order to normalize the work of the Senate, I propose to end the race for reputation and spend haids soals. To do this, you just need to approve the People's Tribune.
Now, in fact - this is Valentin999 - already 52 votes, which means that not only representatives of his alliance voted for him
The closest competitor, respected by everyone, beercrazy has already scored 38 votes and as a competitor, I hope to follow Valentin999
While there is a race for reputation, the Senate will definitely not start working.
The administration has already announced innovations - Shall we start working?
I propose to determine the timing of voting until 24.00 on 04.12.2020 (senators change every day, and with a longer period there will be difficulties in counting votes)

Vasily, you promised to listen to the opinion of the majority.
3 December 2020 19:44
3 December 2020 19:44
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🐍ZLOBNYI_ZMEY, я тебя ужиком называла для веселья !!!!!!! хи-хи !!!!!!!!
21 April 2021 06:35
21 April 2021 06:35


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