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Good news:

Gate interface will be moved to dedicated page, with better navigation and messaging.
- Unified interface for viewing, performing jumps and changing settings (for Gate owners).
- Links to Gates in list for quicker navigation.
- Ability to hide closed Gates from list and other small improvements.

A new mechanism for setting personal access rights will be added instead of current crutch.
- Right now, the only way to personally alter access to Gates involves using ignore list in PM. Since this mechanics is not really related to Gates, we will remove it, adding proper “allow/deny” lists.
- Personal access rights will work separately for each gate and each direction.
- Temporary access changes are also considered.

Bad news:

Jumping through any Gates will require Vespene, which would be taken from jumping fleet's cargo. Jump to any distance will use a standard fuel consumption value (listed in unit's description for each unit).

Jumping to Gates of inactive players will be forbidden.
3 December 2020 19:24:52
3 December 2020 19:24:52


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