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Open voting: space 10% (bug or feature)

is 10% of ~35k equal to 44
bug - 0 (0%)

I know how to calculate 10% in space (require to explain) - 0 (0%)

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Newbie question: what is the value of space 10%?, space , math, calculation, value, units

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I'm getting ready to disassembly a planet.
All the time being in the game I was thinking that disassembly or destroying of the building will return 10% of the cost of the building or current level that I'm going to destroy.
But when it came to planet disassembly I got such amount of garbage proposed:

I can see cost for upgrade around 70 000 then we can think current level cost is around 35k (most buildings price increase from 1.8 to 2 times) then I try to apply 10% to left and right side of that number,
then top then bottom...

I think that is some kind of bug... but... then I got another idea...

I decide that I know nothing about space mathematics or missed some space unit converter somewhere...

If anybody knows how to calculate 10% in space... please teach me.
update: it is fixed now. thanks.
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22 July 2020 23:19
22 July 2020 23:19
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I think that you were looking at the cost of the next level (70K metal, 9K mineral), and the garbage for destroying the current level (44 metal, 6 mineral) and there is no gravity in space, so it all turns into 0 after a while, because the numbers float away. Space math is neat.
23 July 2020 04:01
23 July 2020 04:01
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lsd-techno, there was a bug in destroy description (divided twice per 100). But it was only description.
23 July 2020 04:56
23 July 2020 04:56


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