Fast 3d animation and other changes

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The French version of the game has been released. Language can be changed in the settings.

Introduced, or rather returned, a multi-platform 3D engine that worked on the project until October 2018. From January 1, 2020, new players register immediately in the new-old engine, which works on all smartphones and TVs in addition to computers.

All players can switch the button "Quick 3D animation" in the settings. The old engine will be removed in the time.

A legal framework has been prepared for legally significant registration of gaming objects in real life. So far, through the "graphic image". The certificate will confirm the rights to the intellectual objects of the Xcraft universe, which may be the same property as a car or your phone. The guarantor in the world will be Xcraft Inc, the guarantor in Russia will be NovaArt studio.

Due to gravity requirements, satellites are not allowed to fly further than 50000 km from the centre at all local coordinates and teleport to the void. After this update, all satellites and stations that have departed far away will be returned to an orbit between 40,000 and 50,000 km from the centre of the local coordinates. Only Inquisition and Administrator stations, including the BE-BE station sold at the 2018 auction, will be able to fly further 50000 so far.





Inquisition stations

Peppa Pig

We have changed the mechanics of the payback and defense missions. Now in defense of the objects fleets merge and refuel.

For the development of the storyline component of the game we produced 12 series of comics on Xcraft Sector of Nonreturn and 75 series of comics Sweet Cupcake about the life of clones flying in Iosif, in the world modeled by him USSR.

As the task with Kenny proved to be difficult, comic books with elements of erotics became the main task of the 7 human quest, along with a set of points and receiving medals on the rise of production. Kenny's assignment became an additional mission of the 7th quest.
21 February 2020 15:38:19
21 February 2020 15:38:19
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Victoria,  In Vasjas russian version, the info about new french Language soundet very different.
There was an anounce for payback to nazi (german game version  )  and Napoleon ( french game version )
And I wonder he does not bann himselve.
Is this a racist game now ?
Are the player calling me "Subhuman" anounced to do so from game owner ?
It would be nice you denied it - and correct the russian Post.
And I think some addon words to german, english and french comunity are not wrong !
Here Vasjas Original post
google translation :  "  The title is one of the few phrases that I know in French. Unlike the Xcraft project, because the French version of the game was released. Language can be changed in the settings.
Now you can avenge not only the Nazis for the Didos who fought, but also for Napoleon!"
21 February 2020 16:27:31
21 February 2020 16:27:31
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Doesn’t your fleet already merge in defense missions?
22 February 2020 06:21:38
22 February 2020 06:21:38
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Quote: stein
Is this a racist game now ?

I understand your concerns, but different people, nations has different boundaries.

For example black peoples often use "N-word" to call each other, but it sounds absolutely racistly from white people.

You would not believe but a lot of this goes from school, teachers, parents. Those who understand it, tries to filter words, especially when talking with non-russians.

Anyway, Vasya`s words was absolutely sarcastic.
5 March 2020 14:21:39
5 March 2020 14:21:39
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I have a question about the new changes. You see, updates to normal games usually consist of more content and lower requirements for stuff, making it easier for the players so they would actually be willing to buy ingame currency. Your latest 'updates' locked out more content to those who dont spend thousands of dollars on hydrarians. I wonder a lot, does the person who decides the updates get high before deciding or what? You only make more people quit the game instead of buying any ingame currency. And of course, the 1 hydrarian cost for even replying to any bloody topic.
5 March 2020 19:55:10
5 March 2020 19:55:10
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Abdullah2898, it is all about balance. 
Recently we limited distance to travel for station to 50k km, such change made SuperStations vulnarable to Dunkleosts. SuperStations cost a lot of hydarian, Dunkleosts can built without hydarian. So solution is obvious.

Quote: Abdullah2898
buying any ingame currency

You can sell something in Dendrarium or you can earn hydarian by making contracts for Buba. I understand it needs time, but free Mantrid taking 90 days.
6 March 2020 06:00:22
6 March 2020 06:00:22
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Семен I think your boss Vasya lied to you.
1)  VasyaMalevich 5 Mar 2020 01:54:21 The requirement for the construction of Dunkleosteus has been increased. Now you need a Level 2 Mantride, not Level 1.
so for most people it is now impossible to build Dunkleos.

2)  This actually helps Big players with Super Stations and it is not threatening them.
   Less players can build Dunkleos - less danger for Superstations.
3)  The important change is that small / middle players now cannot hide their Stations / Dunkleos anymore.
     This will give big players more opportunities to kill fleets of small players and make them quit the game

So in reality Vasya wants more players to buy his super expensive Super Stations.
Nothing else.

The reasons you've told us are wrong.
6 March 2020 21:39:59
6 March 2020 21:39:59
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stein, You must learn how read and write otherwise educated people will treat you as a "subhuman".
Learn a bit then written words will stop "soundet" You.
Don't trust those online translators.
26 March 2020 16:57:31
26 March 2020 16:57:31


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