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Now: 19 September 2019 19:56
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Change in structur by competent admins, backchange because destroying battle star

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This is my actual structur.
Was 227 million day before yesterday.
Than was 78 million
and today near nothing.

That happens if you use game features to beat battle star .

Guess they know someone who needs a weta.

Because of game change I spendet some hundred millions resources.
Guess I get them back - as this was only a 2 days livetime change ?

9 August 2019 22:56
9 August 2019 22:56
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Это толерантность, терпите.
10 August 2019 01:12
10 August 2019 01:12
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needbecool,  I am 3 years in game.
Work hard here. Ever I make 1 progress Admin do game change to save Battle star cheating peoples privilegs.
I think they want food , wich can not run away
- so they make flying with vespene costs not possible
- they stopped using trampolines
- they stopped using gates 

But not enaugh. killing us needs to be cheap.
So ever we build a massive fleet of good ships - this ships ability get changed to 0 power
or if we can shoot asteroids they make stations
if we shoot asteroids with stations they reduce power
if we are able to destroy their asteroids - they change structur of our objects
Since 3 years ever same.
I think russian do not play good ? As they ever change the rules here
every time they get in danger .

I think this game is a mirror, showing real live.
It shows Inflation in their country.
And it shows other things.

For sure this game teach me very much about Russia.
I lost all respect I had in past.

This game is very good propaganda maschine, for all people who hate Russia.
It realy shows corruption, inflation and other things.

It is funny to see. Russian think winning shows power.
But if you need to cheat for winning it only shows you are weaker than other people
playing without cheats.

10 August 2019 14:05
10 August 2019 14:05
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It is not a bug.
12 August 2019 06:49
12 August 2019 06:49


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