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Sharing Gravity Trampolines , Not able to jump using friend's trampolines

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I had set up 4 of my own trampolines at location A then friend had 4 of their trampolines at location B. I then tried sending my fleet thru, however it just gave me error message that there was 0 trampolines at the other side. We then set up where each of us had 2 trampolines set up at each location, and I then tried again to send my fleet thru, with no luck. It gave me the error message that the fleet I had needed 4 trampolines and that there was only 2. I went the the trampoline search page and saw each set of trampolines. in green, and ready to use, also checked to make sure each of us had share on.
The only thing I can think of is that you have to be within the 10x limit of each other, (I am over 1 million and friend under 100k) and if that is that case, a note in the description stating that and maybe not having the trampolines green on the search page, as in ready to use for anyone. Thanks
8 July 2019 13:07
8 July 2019 13:07
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Yes the 10x statistics protection will block this action.
Your friend needs to develop to within the 10x limit.
Or remove the beginners protection by becoming outlaw. 
9 July 2019 03:09
9 July 2019 03:09
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Toiletdude, hi.

There is no bug. As ex2e mentioned , it is a noob protection.
You cannot use trampolines if owner is green (weak) for you.
You cannot use trampolines if owner is pink (strong) for you (with exception. You can use strong trampolines if you are outlaw)
10 July 2019 22:07
10 July 2019 22:07


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