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Production of Gas lake, Production of Gas lake

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Is this normal ? The cost of this building (Gas lake) is 1,000,000 metal and 2,000,000 minerals, it takes 3.3k of energy, and only produces 46/h vespine ! ?   :)

11 June 2019 13:21
11 June 2019 13:21
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The gas lake takes a lot of factors into account for its production. Basically the production of the gas lake is based on the production of your Extractor. If you level up your extractor the gas lake will produce more.
Further the Extractors production is based on the temperature of a planet. So this is also a chained factor for the gas lake production.

Also the cost are higher than usual because the gas lake and the land slide NEVER get depletion.

And finally to answer your question: Yes, this is normal.
11 June 2019 23:45
11 June 2019 23:45


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