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Critical information about ships characteristics is shown for all

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With flight diagrams we have some indicators ( link ):
1. coordinates of flight “from-to”
2. time it will need to reach target
3. % of ‘time and space’
I think it’s all.

then we have shown here: pictures of fleets that is in flight + this triangle thing which is positioning fleets on diagram. right? 

We haven’t shown warmup time here, when enemy fleets are flight on us, but we have when we are flight somewhere.

my question is - If we don’t want to open inside information for others, like warmup time of players ships, then we need to let this triangle move with flight starting, not when warmup expires, because if they will start moving when warmup ends, warmup will be measurable. Otherwise, if everything is ok with this, then we need to show warmup time like other components from information about flight!

I want to put more clarity with it - i’m talking about two sides of information distribution about flight, one is for owner and second is for others.

P.S. For me classifying “others” in this context: like enemies, personal friends and so is bad idea. Here would be wolfs in goat skin. Personal data needs to be personal!
10 June 2019 15:50
10 June 2019 15:50
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It is not a bug.
19 June 2019 09:34
19 June 2019 09:34


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